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  1. ive got mine GT is NCC24656 got FPS - kill zone, Free MMO's :- War thunder WArframe Acarde:- Resogun (coop enabled) Contrast
  2. hi their i dont think the otheir tug members play MWO, i do alot thought this past 6 months if i have the time add me if u want to username is Atomicfire
  3. well im going this year hopfully, also building a new pc for lans and which i can carry around with me instead of this full tower that i currently have also will be going in UKCS Clan box if their not many going
  4. hope every thing gos realy smooth for ya and hope u enjoy it over thier
  5. soz for the late replay but will try to help out asp btw any jobs going gotta ask need a job as a games tester or levle design
  6. hi guys any 1 got max payne 3 yet its fecking great and ive added us to the crew listings http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_unknown_ghosts also add me to ya mates list http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/atomic_fire
  7. Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 7 Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 8 [media=]
  8. Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 5 Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 6 [media=]
  9. Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 3 Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 4 [media=]
  10. found some more vids Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 1 Arma 3 GamesCom Presentation part 2 [media=]
  11. wow this looks like a game that kicks ass more than cod and bf games its the ARMA 3 - E3 2012 5 min Sneak Preview Gameplay Trailer [media=] [/media]
  12. game is dieng wtf tipacal WoW player their lol any ways its not going to die the community for the series is still strong and ive jsut went on bf2 and bf2142 they still got players on most of the time and a lot of servers too
  13. wot wrong with it m8 cos give u all unlocks but dosnt give u the xp that nomaly dos
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