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  1. How the tides will turn Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all.
  2. Happy New Year guys, hope ya enjoy it and I hope 2008 brings a CoD4 team
  3. Live near blackburn in the UK, I'm 15 xD and I've been playing with some of your guys from CS:S for a while (h0, Silent Sniper ect) Just had a game on SaD with Dan and somebody who I can't remember the name of >.> Sir Something I think..
  4. Opinions sp far. Crysis: Ok at best imo, it kinda lacks a proper story and relies on graphics a lil too much CoD$: Great game, good storyline and awesome multiplayer.
  5. Hell yeah!, I got CoD4, and... wait for it.... Crysis xD
  6. I should be getting to tomorrow xD Do you guys play alot? If ya do can I come on TS and have a game with you all?
  7. Biggest news of all ****ing time, I-series coming to Birmingham, finally, a central location, might actually be able to........... GO!
  8. bobo


    And im not Billymon.
  9. bobo


    LMFAO TWITCH??? looooooooooooool, I'll go tell him he has an idol
  10. bobo


    He plays that game, coincidentally so do i, and its not a very popular game, and H0, I'd pwn him
  11. Game you are applying for:Counter Strike:Source Real Name Sam Clegg Age + Date of Birth 16, born on 11th of August 1991 Location/Country Lancashire, in the UK Online/In-Game Name BoBo Email Address to be contacted at SamClegg123@Hotmail.co.uk Any other info, EDIT: I have TS now.
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