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  1. I just went for the 120Gb version. I stopped trying to work out which was the better deal as everyday there was a better option and I would have never bought it, so I finally went to Argos and got the 120Gb, 3 games and extra controller for just short of £280 Games list so far:- Little Big World Unchartered 2 Grid Pure Quantum of Solace Lost COD-MW2 P.S. anyone know who 'PureTuG' is? He's just invited as a friend!
  2. I'm online as TuG_Benny. Got my PS3 last weekend, only so I could test the gfx on the new 42" Plasma I bought 15 minutes before hand. First Impressions: Sweeeeeeeeet! Anyone going for COD4.2 on PS3?
  3. Got it, installed it, hate it, selling it!!!!
  4. Volcol (James Chilton) is finally getting somewhere with all of his computer generated artwork and now has some of his models on sale over at Rellusion. http://www.reallusion.com/contentstore/content.aspx?MenuItem=ic_scene&Type=Props Well done m8!!
  5. Can't be any worse than the last time..... at least with temperatures of -5 we won't wake up floating down the field on the airbeds
  6. Mr Wizzy Sir! I'm still playing CAEU and just trying Battlefield Heroes (got my key through yesterday) As for the cardboard box, dunno just yet I've taken 5 weeks off with the misus due to drop within the next week. But yes I'll be looking for a new home in a few weeks when I go back to work, Holiday Inn or Premier Inn looking fav at the mo.
  7. Who are you lot and wot are these games you talk of.......
  8. Take it back and buy a bloody decent game
  9. Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope 2009 is a fantastic year for everyone. Shaun (Benny)
  10. Been playing this for a few days now and really enjoying it unless you get a channel full of knife hacking, bunny hopping noobs. Tweak. You up and running yet?? EU signup and download below http://combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Main
  11. So True... I even lent him an O2 3G Dongle to keep him online and I've not seen him on once since he left on the 24th. He is alive though... I can confirm receiving an SMS off him yesterday.
  12. Happy Birthday Beaver! Hope you got what you wanted this year
  13. Looking good... and I mean the general layout and content, not that photo at the top of the staff page
  14. Welcome back m8, and still in one piece... that's a good sign!!! See you on the server.
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