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  1. Hello does any 1 post on here anymore ????? Where have all you guys gone ?
  2. Hi all , Long time no see just wondering if any one plays on xbox live ? It would be nice to hook up for a few games of COD . gamertag:G Force1973
  3. I'll be up for a few games of OGR , I've just spoke 2 Flya he said he would play if needed:cool:
  4. Hi I'm up for a few games of OGR , i carn't play GRAW or COD 4 i need a upgrade or new P.C. , I've been playing OGR latley and there is a lot of players still paying the game , Danish Force server is full most nights as is AEG server I can think of a few peeps who would probally play , me ,JJ ,Psyc ,beav ,st Bond , Bundi , Bulldog , Bran , why not put a server up just over Chrismas for the greatest online multiplayer game ever (plz Beav) and we could play the old Cops n Robbers mod:biggrin: OGR never dies ( lol GRAW 2 )
  5. G*Force

    Good Luck

    You are a Blue nose then!! No need to be bitter at least you won't get knocked out of Europe Twice in one season again LOL Everton are a small club !!!!! Don't forget 2 check out everton's new sponsor EASYJET it will get you in and out of Europe in 90mins !!
  6. G*Force

    Good Luck

    COME ON YOU REDS !!!! Let's make 6 Times european champoins tonight:cool:
  7. Send it back it sounds like a bag of shite 2 me:biggrin:
  8. Maybe Tiger Woods golf for me:rolleyes: a nice chillin game 2 play i think:smile:
  9. Nice work Brok:biggrin: i watched Liverpool Live & i watched Bloton v Arsenal Live!! Star Sports is the channel!! it even has the same as commentry as Sky Sports lmao,the only difference it is FREE!!
  10. Nice job Brok, i'll give this a try 2day:cool:
  11. Thanks for good games UKGF !!
  12. I thought you and Psyc were joining the clan m8:smile: Hint....Hint..
  13. Sounds like a good idea i hate that place it is overated bigtime!! and it is for girls and prawn sandwich eaters:biggrin:
  14. Sorry no man ure badges allowed !!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  15. Yeah but we will still kick your arse for old times sake:rolleyes:
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