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  1. Ok, well - I'll see if I cant pick up a 650W PSU in the sale - assuming there is one - is the 260 better than the 8800? I'm presuming so - or is it better to go with a Radeon 4850?
  2. Happy Christmas! Just got ver1.31 of wwiionline - basically - 43 new effects etc = FUN

  3. Hoping to buy this, BUT I need to know one thing... what PSU am I going to need? - http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=41489&category_id=755&manufacturer_id=0&tid=zt-x26e3ke-fsp# got 550W at present - but upgrade possible
  4. It's been console-ified, was a damn fine single player mind ya, multiplayer lacked massively, bigest booboo they ever made.
  5. This is not a sympathy thread. Post your jokes here! I was sat in the local last night, people started recieving joke texts rather than the news =D
  6. Sorry its english comedy - (you missed the lol at the end?)
  7. so your saying i should? your message in unclear (LOL)
  8. A suitable replacement for my 8800 GTX 512mb ? http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=32245&category_id=755&manufacturer_id=0&tid=ne3x262sft3b4-pm8026
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wont make any remarks ( he is ex - forces and knows where I live!)
  10. I know JJ, nope, i need Father Ted style voice acting - and you gotta hate england! ( I might try a bit but I think my voice acting limit is, would ya like a cupa tea? and FECK!
  11. Yes I am making a mod, its going to be titled RECOIL. Its a two man job ( me and a very very experienced college friend) and its for the HL2 engine. There is however, something very very different abou this mod. The modelling is not being done in 3DS max, nor maya, nor blender for that matter. I am using Google Sketchup 6. Been using it for a while now, however, we have just bought some 3ds max exporter software, which exports the models geometry (smoothening)and leaves out the google sketchup back faces (which would double the poly count). As yet we only have a few models created, one of which was a weapon. John found a way to make it work, and exported successfully into game. The British L1A1 (as its a mod set in the 70's) was the English Semi-auto for the army. the model is 7800 polys, geometrically perfect. All i have to do is find someone who can texture it and were away! ( and texture the other 16 weapons i am working on). Surprisingly it did not take too long, 4.5 hours with sketchup isnt that bad. Its all accurate and most importantly can be animated. Please ignore the texture on the ingame model ( the side profile above is the textured version in Sketchup) http://volcol.deviantart.com/art/L1A1-Sketchup-in-game-126811494 any body Irish? we need some vioce acting
  12. Hehe i missed this - thanks Benny =D - but... I have better news!
  13. single player was just fine - just a bit short - the audio is fantastic
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