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  1. pre ordered from amazon....still kin waiting ffs whats the point of pre ordering if it dosnt turn up on the day and i can go to sainsburys and pick one off the shelf... looks like im gonna have to spend the night pulling the wings off of flys...... if its not here in the morning im going to sainsburys... so i will be late to the battlefield... better be worth the wait ......................... knowledge is wasted on fools!
  2. lo all, all good here no lag caspian border now open to play getting better all the time they are fixing as they go first night spent most of the time underneath the map they fixed it the following day... my id is apexofyod , you need beta drivers from nvidia.. my clocked gtx 280 works ok not the stunning visuals seen in trailer but very playable so far oh and a big congrats bully 8-)
  3. day of sex? i think ive played the single player game 8-(
  4. and why am i a newbie? ffs........ fools if i have to come see you i will crack heads ps: hope your all well looking forward to some bf3 TuG action !
  5. where's mine ffs........ fools if ive got to go round and get one i will crack heads
  6. lo all 8-) game looks awsome hope it gets you all back online playing finished bfbc2 i am general of the army lol just hope the maps are bigger ...much bigger
  7. yup i have it m8 ,,,,, Nige(ApeX)....... not able to get online yesterday will try later if servers up
  8. lo all im still around in doing reinstall on bigger hd

  9. one way of taking the first point B is to fly the uav directly into it boom its gone i know this as a defender i went straight to B to lay some explosives and it bounced of me hit the box booom end of. with the sniper kit you get 6 sets of explosives its all you need to take out the objective another way is to load up your quad drive it into the box jump off pressing left mouse boom point taken allah akbar...same with point A it can be done..im not saying that it hasnt been hacked some players seem to be bullit proof others have super weapons the ballistics seem a bit screwed hope this helps
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