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GR:AW buy

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Hi Guys im Jstyle from the css team

im going to buy the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

i think the game is very nice but i've got a problem

i dont know if my Graphics Card can handle it

this is my graphics card : Ati Radeon 9800 XXL.

if you guys know something about it please tell it to me

how faster i know it, how faster i can play :)


Thank You


Greetz J

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yeah not sure either its not just about the card mate your whole comp needs to be half decent otherwise you are at a disadvantage sraitgh away check http://ghostrecon.net forums it will tell you there.


mine is


amd dual x2 4800 chip

lanparty board rdx 200 seris crossfire edition

x1900xt ati card


antec p180 silent case

matched ozc 2048 memory


works like a dream on mine but cost over a ?1000


Good luck

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