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    Still @ school
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    The netherlands
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    Playing games, Playing football
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    Pr0 Gamer (i wish Lol)
  1. this is just to try something
  2. OMG lol Steven gerard is maybe the best player england ever had
  3. Welcome to the team connect our teamspeak so we can talk/play with you
  4. Hi Mrgriffin im srry i banned you , i banned the wrong i would ban myself for testing my new admin program im gonna unban you so fast as posible
  5. Yoo Ato Welcome to the Dark SIde Greetz J
  6. Hi Guys im Jstyle from the css team im going to buy the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter i think the game is very nice but i've got a problem i dont know if my Graphics Card can handle it this is my graphics card : Ati Radeon 9800 XXL. if you guys know something about it please tell it to me how faster i know it, how faster i can play Thank You Greetz J
  7. J-style


    I like : Reggea,Hiphop,Dance,House i just like all Greetz J
  8. W00000t!! nice work sam im can't wait to see the next one Greetz J
  9. Happy B-day m8 You are a "Big boy" now ;p Greetz J
  10. Happy B-day BullDog I hope you had a great day Greetz J
  11. Happy Birthday mate im sorry im a bit late , but i hope you had a great day Greetz J
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