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GR:AW 2 - UK Release Date

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UbiRazz has posted a thread in the UBI GR:AW PC forums confirming that the UK release of GR:AW 2 will be 9th March 2007. Woot!! :)


Play.com has it listed as 01/03/2007, but I expect that will be updated in time.


Where do you think the best place to pre-order it might be?


I know Play.com screwed many of us over with R6:Vegas delivered late, but that was over the xmas period.

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I say "game" i ordered graw from them and it came the day of release or order it direct to your local store (game) you can then pick it up or if you see it at another store get it there and leave the one at game.



Ouch - ?29.99 - I can get it from Play.com for ?24.99 or ?25.99 from Amazon.co.uk


Play.com - GR:AW 2


Amazon.co.uk - GR:AW 2

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