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Graw 2 screen shots real ones

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See below, this translation is done in a hurry, the language is far from perfect, but should be pretty accurate in the content, otherwise I'll patch it (note if the original article is incorrect, the translation will be so, journalists tend to get things wrong sometimes...) tongue.gif Cheers


This is what ?GRAW2? for PC is going to be


?Aftonbladet? on an exclusive preview of the future war


It has received the same name, but there are more differences than similarities.

Due to the Swedish developer Grin, GRAW 2 for PC is going to be a different experience.

- We wanted to recover the ?recon? in ?Ghost Recon?, the producer Nouredine Abboud says.


Abboud gazes and looks like the Jenuet favourite Dominique Pinon, you know the little guy in ?Alien Resurrection?, ?Amelie from Montmarte? and ?A Very Long Engagement?.

And he is French.

But the PC version of ?Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2? is not his game. It is Bosse Andersson?s, former soldier who got rid of his uniform and became game developer instead.

- We wanted to work with a developer which was strong in PC and it is, of course, an advantage that Bo has a background from the military and experience from warfare tactics, Abboud says.

- The console version shares story with the PC version. The American army Captain Scott Mitchell has just about left Mexico City (where the first game took place) to be ordered to Juarez, where a Mexican rebellion force is planning to attack the American city El Paso. We suspect later with nuclear weapons.


Built from scratch

But the Swedish PC-version is constructed from scratch and the levels are unique. There was some inconsistencies in the story, and to solve that we created a separate character for the PC-version, the intelligence officer Lewey, who fills in the empty spaces between the two versions, the lead level designer Rickard Johansson says.

We will return to the missions later. In GRAW, Mitchell and his soldiers were dropped off by helicopter in a specific zone on each map. This type of insertion is now history.

In part two it is important to plan strategically for each level. Through a couple of menus you can do so and also from which point to begin the mission. You can also decide on in which order to do the separate objectives on each mission (some of them you can ignore, but you risk loose access to important weaponry for future missions). And, most important of all, you have to decide on which group of soldiers will be best suited for each mission.


Rural setting

Already here has GRAW as game series changed, and it keeps changing as the gaming goes on. The sun drenched metal roofs of Mexico City is partly replaced with more open landscape with firefights both in the countryside and around the American suburbs. ?The three day drama? has made Ubisoft and Grin to develop an impressive daylights cycle with very nice and varied weather effects.

- Due to the 72-hour campaign we wanted the player to experience the time of the day changing and the transitions.

- Bo Andersson guides us through one of the first maps which is situated around a hacienda surrounded by a hill. It is apparent that more efforts has been put into ?recon? of ?Ghost Recon?.

- I just alerted the Whole fu...ng camp. That was not my intention, Andersson says on fluent English to the Swedish, French, and German journalists who are gathered at Grin?s office located at ?Sveav?gen?.

Mitchell, who is by now surrounded by an impressive amount of bullets and ricochets, tries to sort out the situation from his position on the hilltop and gives orders to his soldiers below. An intensive firefight commences, but it is obvious that the tactic will not work for too long. At the same time as Grin tries to give the players more freedom, they have also forced them to do more recon.

- The whole idea is that I'll do the recon and let my men do the killing, or the opposite, says Bosse Andersson.


Fighting for their lives

The ?Hacienda map? is a good example of ?vertical gameplay? Grin has strived for. The hill does not only lead to gameplay horizontally and sideways but also vertically. Mitchell has to be just as aware of what is beneath him or above him. And right about at this point, when he fights to survive his ?digital? life, Bosse starts to talk about a lot of gameplay details.


? Enemies that never appear on the same spot

? A ?Metal Gear Solid? flirt where a meter displays how easy or how hard it is for the enemy to detect the player

? You can save games wherever but not during a firefight

? More fighting indoors

? During the missions it is on occasion possible to lead a 13 man strong squad (Mitchell included)


Bosse Andersson aborts the mission and loads a map, further into the game ?09 The Dam?. A voice says: ?Get that nuke and we can go home?. Bo Andersson says

- You did no hear that

Yes we did, but please tell us about the multiplayer features now

- OK


New multiplayer mode

The co-op mode is intact and all the standard possibilities are there for the casual soldier. But the real triumph card is ?Assault vs. Recon?. One side acts as Mexican rebels with heavy weapons and unlimited number of spawns. The other side is consequently ?recon? with high tech equipment but only one spawn.

- Those in the ?recon? team that dies can help their teammates to locate enemies, Bosse Andersson says.

- The idea is, once again, to force the players to do more recon. Due to one spawn only, they have to act more carefully and strategically.

A German reporter seems dissatisfied:

- But the others can just ?gun?n run'em down?, he says.

- Yes, but we have ensured so that they do not spawn in directly, but after a delay

- And the more enemies the ?recon? team kills, the better weapons they get, for example the ?Barret? which can shoot through walls, Bosse Andersson says.

?Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter? for PC was last year?s most pronounced Swedish title according to ?Aftonbladet?.

After this preview it is possible that Grin will make us spoilt again. We?ll get the answer in March.

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