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  1. Hey guys! I wishl you all a happy new year! I hope you guys are doing alright. Man, things are really quiet around here. But it's good to see that there's more to life than just gaming I like remembering the times we played together and the fun times we had talking to each other. Probably see you around somewhere sometime, I might drop by in Birmingham this year. Have a good one, mates. -David
  2. all of these old men have gone down the drain I own an xbox, but neither do I have BO2 or xbox live mate how's it going by the way?
  3. hey guys. long time no see. i hope you guys are doing alright? i don't have a pc at the moment, i'm playing battlefield 3 on my xbox 360, so i'd like to add the ones of you who have got an xbox. i know of Atomic being active on xbox live. anyone else? -David
  4. welcome aboard dude! you already know some of the crazy guys here, sweet. it was fun playing with you now and then mate! let's hope some "fresh meat" brings a bit more life into the forums and the team drink one for me, when i come to the UK i'll do it myself
  5. as i can see there's finally a bit more life on here! hey Brok and Skeeta, it's nice to see that there are still some guys around that weren't there for a while i hope you are doing fine? happy new year!
  6. i've got a T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. it's one of the first smart phones that were on the market, but it's awesome actually. it has got a complete qwertz keyboard, a trackball and of course a touchscreen. i'm happy with it as i haven't spent that much money on it hehe.
  7. I also still got no mail....i applied like half a year ago...pretty much when i heard about the beta. that sucks.
  8. one thing i can say about BF3 is that i never had any technical problems with it whatsoever. only really annoying connection issues.... but the game works really good for me!
  9. got the game. all installed and set up. ready to roll.
  10. not sure if i am going to get it...i'm not the hardcore gamer anymore haha played the beta and it was really, really dissatisfying. when i was able to join a server (maybe 3 or 4 times in a total) the game lagged really bad. so at the moment still a thumbs down for me.
  11. So, i went to a flea market yesterday. There was this XBOX 360 sort of smiling at me. I have no clue why, but i asked how much it would be. He said it's for 45€. I said I'd take it for 40€ lol. Leaving flea market with XBOX 360: check! It works perfectly and is connected to my full-hd-monitor. now what a nice bargain is that?? oh i and i got myself a nice smartphone there couple of weeks ago, very content with it. Used stuff can be awesome
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