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Hey TUG - Remember me....


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Well, it's been a while since I last washed up on this shore so I thought I'd pop in and say hi to some of the old folks and see if they remember me.


I used to go by =SEALZ=Samurai in the good old days of GR, and had many a great game with Psychadelic and Wizard and WarPig amoungst others.


Been playin GRAW with BDA since it came out and I've seen a few TUG guys in oour server now and then.


TUGr Breaker was on this eveningh and mentioned you guys might be looking for a friendly scrim some time.


If so hop on our TS ( sometime and find me, Zeno, Wax or Floyd and have a chat.


If any of you guys want to come find me to shoot some bull about the old days you'll find me online most nights in our GRAW server and on TS.


Caio for now.



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