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.TuG. GRAW Player Stats Project Released


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I am pleased to anounce the official release of the:


.TuG. GR:AW1/GR:AW2 Player Stats Project



The .TuG. GR:AW1/GR:AW2 Player Stats Project is an advanced player statistics tracking system that will allow teams to track all the players who play in their GR:AW1 & GR:AW2 game servers. The TGPSP (short name) can be integrated into an existing website setp-up, e.g. with vBadvanced CMPS or as a standalone system. Most aspects of the basic template are easily customised by modifying the css style-sheet.


The TGPSP will automagially import the XML log files generated from GR:AW1 & GR:AW2 (GR:AW2 stat import subject to final game release testing) into a MySQL database and then allow users to drill down through their individual stats all the way to specific rounds they have played in.



  • Import all XML log files from GR:AW1 & GR:AW2. (Note: GR:AW2 stat import subject to final game release testing.)
  • Customisable through changing the CSS to match your current website scheme.
  • Standalone or integrate into your existing site.
  • Uses PHP + MySQL.
  • Customisable country of origin flags for known players.
  • Player search.
  • Display Top 10 clan players.
  • Displays Top 5 players from current month.
  • Individual player profile stats page, including stats for all maps played.
  • Best ever round, Worst ever round, last 10 rounds.
  • Ability to drill down to every single round you have ever played on the server & then view the round stats.
  • Multiple installations/databases to track different things.
  • And much more...

12/06/2007 - v1.00 - Initial Release.


Download Available here:





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