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Crysis MP Information

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This covers all the game types.


Confirmed Multiplayer Features


There will be 6 Instant Action maps and 6 Power Struggle maps and support for up to 32 players.


The map sizes will vary from very small to very large maps and there won't be any ice maps.


Some weather effects and the game's day-night cycle will work. Server admins will be able to manually configure their parameters.


All the single player weapons and some additional MP specific weapons and tools will be available.


Teammates can drop weapons for each other and you can pick up the enemy's weapons.


There isn't a time limit to buy items like in Counterstrike, but you will have to go to a plant you control or your home base to bring up a weapons purchase screen.



Sniper rifle scopes will not reflect light in MP, but they will reflect it in the single player campaign. You'll be able to see the tracer round from the sniper shot, though.


Crytek is testing Crysis on Linux servers. A dedicated Windows and Linux server package is planned for release with the retail game.

To prevent cheating, Punkbuster is being integrated into Crysis in conjunction with an inhouse tool made by Crytek.


Strength mode bunnyhopping will be limited due to the massive energy drain of a strength jump.


You'll need a Gamespy account to log on to multiplayer.


You'll be able to use the "All Seeing Eye" tool to connect to servers like you could for Far Cry.


The Crysis DVD must be in the disc drive to start multiplayer.


The net code has been completely rebuilt from scratch from CryEngine1.


There will not be persistent stats or ranked servers for Crysis.


The prestige points and rank earned in a round will be reset in the next round.


There is an ingame Voice over IP (VoIP) chat system.


Both DX9 and DX10 players will be able to connect to a DX10 server.


Balancing will be done by the server. It will take much more server load to run a DX10 server than a DX9 server.


You cannot play as the aliens, but the US and NK forces fight to use their technology in Power Struggle.

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