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Call Of Duty - 1.4 Patch is OUT!

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The 1.4 patch for COD is now out - and includes Punkbuster and a new map.


More details & download links are available here:





I will be getting our server updated today hopefully & will post here when its done.


In the meantime.


Here's some info for all those on the Team DOH roster at TWL.


CoD - Patch 1.4 Required


With the release of the 1.4 patch, all teams and players are required to use the 1.4 patch. All Servers need to be updated prior to next weeks matchs.


PBGUID's are REQUIRDED for next weeks matches.


To get your PBGUID type the following in the console:




To put your PBGUID in your profile follow these steps:


Go to your profile page

Then under the Anti Smurf In Game Identifiers, click on "add another id"

In the drop down box go to "Call of Duty" and type in the 8 digit PBGUID number


Any member that does not have this updated before 11:59 pm Monday night, will be removed from the roster.?


CoD: CoD 1.4 Released and Mandated


Patch 1.4 with Punkbuster support has been released. The patch is required for all ladders effective immediately. We will be flexible regarding reschedules due to servers not being patched yet. Please contact your ladder admins if you need assitance rescheduling.

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