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Online Hosting Service Maintenance Scheduled for 11th Nov

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Helios has posted on the CM forums that there is maintenance due tomorrow on the servers.


I wonder if they are positioning for dedicated files coming??


I've just been informed that tomorrow (11th Nov) we will be taking down our online hosting service for scheduled maintenance work between the hours of 13:00-16:00.


I will inform you all when the server is back online.


Our apologies for any inconvience caused. __________________

Ian 'Helios' Webster

Community Manager

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Hmmmm... maybe but you would have thought they would have said something about it to stop everyone spamming the forums with hate posts.


I think it will be just to amend some lag issues.

Yeah probably, although they are also doing the same to the PS3 servers too, so something is being tweaked for MP!

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