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So I finally decided that I was going to get some new pc bits & pieces as an Xmas present for myself, so I could play the new games such as Far Cry 3 & enjoy BF3 without my PC dying all the time!


My old pc was about 3-4 years old (core2duo E6700, 4GB ram & a GTX460)


My new PC is:


Gigabyte Z77-D3H Motherboard

Intel i5 3570k @ 3.60Ghz - Overclocked to 4.3Ghz

8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM

Arctic Cooling i13CO cooler

eVGA Superclocked GTX660 2GB


Hopefully should give me the ability to play everything on Ultra/High settings from now on!


Will let you know how it goes... have about 10GB of updates to download for BF3 just now.... :)

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Wish I could get myself a new PC <_<


Ah well, shall have to stick to buying games on my PS3 for now. Can't bring myself to buy Far Cry 3 on PS3 though, massive dislike for FPS on consoles, except of course for Goldeneye, but that doesn't count. Don't game nearly as much as I used to, having a life getting in the way and all that, am sure I'll be able to play properly again eventually... :(

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