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Inside Battlefield 4: Touring the Ten Multiplayer Maps


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With the release of Battlefield 4, millions of players are throwing themselves into the all-out war of multiplayer, exploring the variety of environments on offer. As you may know, Battlefield 4 features 10 distinct maps with support for all 7 game modes, with every map custom-tailored for the gameplay characteristics of each game mode. Below, you can find descriptions of all multiplayer maps and some of their distinguishing features. Enjoy the tour!

Zavod 311
Zavod 311 is the home of an abandoned Russian tank factory, where players are met with a mix of vehicular and infantry combat. With an autumn shroud backdrop, you will be fighting next to rusty train tracks, abandoned buildings, and the aforementioned factory at the center of the map. Zavod 311 features a tall chimney that can be brought down by detonating a warhead, blocking the central path for vehicles and challenging you to re-think your strategy. There is also Levolution of lesser scale; some of the factory’s hazardous machinery can for instance be activated to function as deadly traps for careless infantry soldiers.

Flood Zone
Set in a Chinese town in the direct vicinity of a large levee, Flood Zone is a versatile Battlefield 4 map with suppport for many different multiplayer tactics. If the levee is destroyed, the map will get flooded and the circumstances will change drastically. Suddenly, light naval units have a great advantage, and infantry can swim to reach the rooftops thanks to the raised water level.

Golmud Railway
Those looking for vast fighting grounds and vehicular warfare will probably spend a lot of time by the fields and mountains of Golmud Railway. This is the biggest multiplayer map in Battlefield 4, and players will have access to a huge variety of vehicles (excluding boats). One of the control points is located at a train rolling around the level, and the team holding this point will see the train moving closer to the deployment zone at home base. There is also the possibility to detonate a number of IED’s (improvised explosive devices) on the map, creating huge craters in the ground.

Lancang Dam
Both land, air, and sea vehicles will battle it out on the mighty Lancang Dam, based on the real-life Xiaowan Dam in the Lancang area, China. There are five control points on main land and one located on a small island. Overlooking the riverside, with a research building and power station as some of the key areas, lies the huge dam – destroyable by planting explosive charges. The result is a devastating avalanche of concrete blocks.

Paracel Storm
With its many islands and dynamic waves, Paracel Storm is a perfect choice for fans of naval warfare. Water-based vehicles dominate the scene, but there’s also plenty of room for dog fights and infantry action, as evidenced in the Paracel Storm Multiplayer Trailer. When the dynamic weather changes stirs up a storm, players are given the possibility to untether a destroyer at sea, which then comes crashing into shore. This in turn gives access to the ship’s AA guns and alters the conditions of the island the ship crashes into.

Operation Locker
Tight level design makes Operation Locker ideal for intense, close-quarter infantry combat. In this mountain prison environment, the cell area located in the middle of the map becomes a war-ridden hot spot. Prison doors can be opened and closed, granting a possibility of trapping soldiers inside – an extra devious action if you also blow up the nearby tower. Operation Locker features both in- and outdoor enviroments and the snowstorm outside will dynamically intensify during matches.

Hainan Resort
A luxiorous hotel facility at the centre of the map is the focus of the seemingly idyllic Hainan Resort. Here, the focus is primarily on infantry combat, but there will also be lighter vehicles and air units fighting among the palm trees and bungalows. As for massive Levolution moments, the hotel can catch fire and collapse with the help of oil spills set ablaze by the players.

Siege of Shanghai
The intense urban warfare of downtown Shanghai was the first Battlefield 4 map ever shown. Making its debut at E3 2013, Siege of Shanghai features all-out war at sea, air, and land, with a great focus on vertical combat. The player-triggered Levolution moment of a falling skyscraper will change the face of the battle, making you continue the fight on the rubble at street level.

Rogue Transmission
Aptly nicknamed “Silver Sun” during development, Rogue Transmission provides a memorable battleground thanks to the huge satellite dish dominating the vista. Players can battle both on top of the dish and under it, but if someone sends the huge radio telescope receiver crashing down, it is fatal to stay around for too long. Taking all game modes into account, all kinds of vehicles except naval units are available on Rogue Transmission.

The Dawnbreaker map, featured in the BF4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer, throws you into battle in a metropolitan environment, set at dawn. While Dawnbreaker takes place in an urban setting, vehicles such as jets are still available. In this darker setting, three gas line stations can be overheated by players, causing a chain of explosions along a gas line. This will leave a huge scar in one of the roads and also make it possible to destroy one of Dawnbreaker’s bridges.

Thank you for reading! It’s our hope that you will enjoy the variety and quality of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps, and that you find your own particular favorites. Make your voice heard in the poll below, and make sure to buy Battlefield 4 if you haven’t already done so. New to the world of Battlefield 4? Go to Boot Camp and learn the ropes of single and multiplayer.

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