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Geo Leaderboard Competition Winners


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Last week, we announced a Geo Leaderboard Competition for the Battlefield Hardline closed Beta, where we asked you to do as many in-game interrogations as possible. The battle has been hard on the Leaderboards, but now we can announce the top interrogators on PC and PS4.


The 2 players with the most interrogations on the global leaderboards, as of June 16, 9AM PDT/6PM CET, are none other than…

PC: Th4ny (633 interrogations)
PS4: JelloEmperor (498 interrogations)

Congratulations guys – you have the right to remain smug. Your incredible interrogation skills on the Battlefield will be awarded with a kick-ass Battlefield Hardline t-shirt, that we hope you’ll wear with pride. Thanks to all who participated, and be on the lookout for more Geo Leaderboard challenges during the Beta period.

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