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The Unknown Ghosts

Rise of Nations

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I bought this game a while ago, and just havent got around to playing it, till 2 days ago. Some of my friends have told me that its an awesome game, and it is.


It is an RTS, so if your not into Age of EMpires type games then ya won't like this, In fact I think its even better than AoE, cause for instance when you create a soldier, you get three, which is cool so you can build massive armies quicker.


Also if you advance through the ages quicker than your opponent you can as I did today, I sent tanks and stealth bombers against, horses and bi-planes, really funny watch the horses trying to attack the tanks.


All told its, I think, a great game, but as I said b4, if ya dont like RTS games then this wont change anything, but well worth the money, if you do. :)

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