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  1. krise madsen

    Ghost Recon 4 ??

    Officially GRAW2 is a sequel to GRAW1, (which was GR3) and thus should have been GR3. However, Ubi seem to have treated it as an expansion except for the pricetag, and thus still a GR3 title. Respectfully krise madsen
  2. krise madsen

    New Comp

    Yours is bigger than mine, and I won't get mine for a while If envy is a sin then I'm going straight to Hell... Respectfully krise madsen PS: Yes and I'm talking about PC specs, you pervs
  3. krise madsen


    Everything I've seen and heard (short of the game itself) tells me that if you loved GR1 you'll love GB for the very same reasons, including both MP and co-op being catered for. For one thing, you're likely to see at least one brand new MP mode. They're not going to make it more complex and clunky than need be *cough*OFP/ArmA*cough* and no more than GR1. BlackFoot Studios are very pro-modding, so it will be about as easy or difficult as any other mod-friendly modern game (like, say, UT3 or Crysis). Respectfully krise madsen
  4. krise madsen


    Looking to invest? A few millions (
  5. krise madsen


    Don't go easy on them on requirements for online/MP features. They prolly already know but there's no harm in them being told by someone who knows what has worked and what hasn't on a ton of other games. I've followed Ground Branch since the day the forum opened. I'm usually not one to jump on the bandwagon as soon as someone posts a screenshot, and IMO no game has yet lived up to GR1's standard. But I'm getting all the right answers from the BlackFoot crew, and Ground Branch could very well be the first game to match or surpass GR1 in gameplay. Respectfully krise madsen
  6. krise madsen

    Flashpoint 2

    Time will tell. I'm hopeful but wary. I'm just afraid to get my hopes up too high I guess. Respectfully krise madsen
  7. krise madsen

    Crysis SDK Released!

    Not so fast. From Soroc on the Obsidian Edge forum: That should become availible about the same time as the next patch. Gotta give credit to CryTek boss Cevat Yerli for admitting they made a dog's dinner of it and apologizing. Respectfully krise madsen
  8. krise madsen

    Games re made!

    MicroProse, my friend, MicroProse. If I didn't know it was just a typo we might have had to exchange a word or two... I might give Gunship! it a look-see at some point. Respectfully krise madsen
  9. krise madsen

    Games re made!

    Thank you Yeah, Hunter was something special. Still a brilliant game idea to this day. Can't say I played Armageddon (at least I can't remember ). That Gunship!, is that the MicroProse Gunship sequel that I've heard so much bad about? (mmm, MicroProse) Respectfully krise madsen
  10. krise madsen

    Games re made!

    Cinemaware's old "Wings". Nice little game and perfect for consoles and could make a nice flash game, perhaps ad financed. Geoff Crammond's "Formula One" race games: (if you have played it you know what I mean, if not, just skip this paragraph) With the help functions activated, it provides an excellent "equalizer", allowing people to play on almost even terms using gamepads, steering wheels or even keyboards. "Gunship 2000" and "Red Storm Rising", still the best helisim and subsim, respectively, evah. I also remember an old Amiga game called "Hunter": You were given a task like "blow up this facility", but exactly how you did it was entirely up to you. You could roam free across a huge map, enter every building and use any vehicle for transport, even a windsurfer! You could collect stuff that might come in handy (like explosives for blowing stuff up). Respectfully krise madsen
  11. Barring technical issues beyond my understanding (i.e. just about everything computer-related), I'd say that CryEngine1 (FarCry) is arguably the most under-used middleware engine for first person shooters. Evah. Whenever I play though the first, pre-Trigen levels of FarCry, I get this little voice whispering "just imagine what an enhanced Ghost Recon game would be like on this engine" into my ear. Imagine the extra "stuff" you can put into such a game (compared to FarCry), considering the increase in average hardware power since 2004. And imagine all that "stuff" (and developer resources) being gameplay features, AI algorithms, and just more stuff happening on screen - as opposed to higher polygon count. Yummy. Respectfully krise madsen PS: And yes this is me beating the dead horse named "Ubisoft", who own the Ghost Recon IP as well as rights to use CryEngine1 (yes they do, it was part of the deal when Crytek left them for EA).
  12. krise madsen

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year to all you monkeys Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men Respectfully krise madsen
  13. krise madsen

    Christmas Wish

    And a merry Christmas to you too Colin Respectfully krise madsen
  14. krise madsen

    JJUK the true game

    I do believe the perfume (left of monitor) might be going a bit far though... I mean, I never... erm, never mind. Carry on. Nothing to see here. Respectfully krise madsen
  15. krise madsen

    Singleplayer question

    That wasn't the reply I was fishing for (hint: watch the intro to that mission again ) Respectfully krise madsen