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  1. Looks good Beaver, the new fromt screen is great!
  2. I had some really wierd artifacting last night. I think it's a driver problem. I'm gonna send a link to the Dice guys with my specs. This seems to happen on the larger maps, sometiems it's caused by selecting a certain weapon but the weapon that causes it changes? I have also noticed that this coincides with the weapon graphic in the kit selection screen being incorrect and showing the wrong icon. It also happens when someone is hacking, I think this may be the real cause of it. bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-45-68.bmp Driver = 290.53 (beta) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit version. GPU = NVIDIA GT
  3. Almost the same system as mine mate! Except i have a 560Ti. Can't wait for battlefield 3 now!
  4. Hi Beaver, This is for anyone who didn't play it: I played it to death and absolutely love it. The Caspian border map was brilliant, it felt like Battlefield 2. The map was virtually bug free and I got no lag (the server I played on was 29 ping). I have just read about the other maps and the ones to get exited about for me are the city based maps. I hope they do Mashtur City at some point. I was playing on ultra settings with no drop in FPS. It does however need a seriously meaty PC, oh and I checked while playing and it's the only game I have ever seen that used more than 4gb of RAM (ap
  5. Congratulations Bully!!! I can't wait to have kids! I'm just downloading it, gonna put my new rig throgh it's paces. I'll be on tonight for a game!
  6. Can't wait for BF3, who's getting it?

  7. Just got my new PC ready for BF3!!! Nice overclocked, water cooled i52500 with a GTX560Ti! Playing Deus EX (not "Day of Sex") as my wife thought! Can't wait to start playing you gys again. See ya soon fellas!
  8. Are the BF:BC2 servers down guys? I've not been able to get on for 2 days?

  9. It's fuckin miles better than that MOH shite we've been playing, trust me!
  10. I've got it and it's great fun, the mechanics are mile better than MOH. If anyone has it then add me as a friend on steam so I can play with someone. I've been plyaing on my own since the release which is pants considering we're meant to be a clan.
  11. Add me as freind on steam mate!


  13. Where is everyone??? Not on TS, not in game??

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