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  1. Napalm

    Napalm Orders Kebab

    ur dead funny lol
  2. Napalm

    Two .TuG.'s now joined!

  3. Napalm

    And..... another full member !

    good job dude. welcome to tug
  4. Napalm

    2 more full members

    Ha hahahaha welcome to hells boys now theres no goin bk lol..... only jokin peeps welcome to the clan
  5. Napalm

    Happy Birthday Wizzy !

    heeheehee wizz gettin ol man lmao im gonna give u a zimmer next yr m8 HaPpY BiRtHdAy M8
  6. Napalm

    more pic's of my 68 spider

    errr. is that a car or a boat? lol nice project
  7. Napalm

    Hey hey hey tug!

    ooo god have mercy on our souls
  8. Napalm

    New member

    f**k guns n roses just keep the guns perferably the sa 80 and get kickin ass on gr welcome to the team dude
  9. Napalm

    extreme skydiving

    too fookin crazy
  10. Napalm

    oh my god, they killed benny

    benny?............building?..............omg........................ phone the doctor lol or at least an ambulance wen the walls come bk down
  11. Napalm

    New full member - .TuG.St+Bond

    welcome to the team bond
  12. Napalm

    My apologies

    toe u always gotta be diffrent and act the big man? why? dude if ur gonna dis tug tags then take ur off man thats bull shit dude. cant be bothered wi pls shit no more i just wanna play n have fun
  13. Napalm

    what i did today

  14. Napalm

    It's f**** official - GR2 Cancelled

    lmfao alway s jarbo
  15. Napalm

    new recruit :)

    well hello there welcome to slavery