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  1. With reviewed improvements, I'm going to give Arma2 a whirl. Only £11.99 at Amazon - Happy Xmas to me ..

  2. Seems a bit like the America's Army (AA) concept. It won't be taking up any HDD space on my machine. I'm still in two minds about COD:W@W having read some horrendous reviews and the patch weighing in at over 300MB!? Does Santa take returns?
  3. Hey Wizzy! You're still here! Same old faces eh?! ..
  4. Hello! I made it back. I'm alive. It's been a long time since I've typed anything between these forum walls - Work and play has seen me visit sandy shores, hot climates and take lead from unfriendly locals.. Now it's time to rekindle my relationship with the fellas at TuG and hopefully get a bit of server time in before I have to head south-of-the-border for some school work. Looking forward to getting my hands on CoD5:W@W and slotting a few gooks with you all. Regards, Tantalus.
  5. Having completed the education system many years ago and subsequently further and higher education etc etc, I feel I am in a suitably qualified position to offer the following 'cutting' from a large online dictionary to the above gentlemen in full and final settlement: Opinionator: O*pin"ion*a`tor\, n. An opinionated person; one given to conjecture.
  6. An opinion is "What seems to one to be probably true" , a 'Judgement' or an 'estimation'. What you expressed above is hardly an opinion because there was no base subject matter on which to differentiate; it was merely a rather misguided belief, or maybe some form of animalistic desire .. Yes, I hold with my statement that an opinion cannot be wrong because in the eyes of the opinionator they are 'the one' that holds it to be true. Other opinions may differ dependant on the one that holds them. I'm sure I never actually said it was 'silly' to play games. What I said was at present I am spending more time out and about on my motorbike. Sure as eggs-is-eggs when it starts to get horrible on the weather front I'll be back indoors on the PC. * Anyway we seem to be heading away from the main topic of this thread * Which is the 1.23 Beta Update * Download it from the link at the start of the Thread *
  7. I'm not - I've just bought a brand new ?9.5K 'Sports Roadster' motorcycle on a 56 plate and I'm busy adding some miles, scrubbing in the tyres and reducing the width of the 'chicken strips'... With a 1700cc monster machine sitting in the garage who wants to stay in and play games!?
  8. I can't be wrong because what was expressed was an opinion. A person's opinion cannot be wrong because it is their personal belief; what it can be though is different - and it's just mine (wrt the above post) differs from yours. For instance I believe that it is not truly as playable as GR1 given the broad spectrum of online competitions that were common-place with GR1; such as the 'Stealth Recon' series and 'Azzcup' to name but a few. The prizes for the SR series were quite remarkable and drew corporate sponsorship. I have yet to see a corporate sponsored GRAW competition, but I can only hope that it improves enough to obtain some. I really wanted this game to be a winner off-the-bat, it's just a pity it wasn't. With any luck the released patches and future support will bring the crowds back to a deserving game - A game which I have been competing in since the beginning and started playing many years ago with the guys from the then AC][d Clan, to (just before I joined TuG) my top three position in Azzcup. Bring back the good times..
  9. Too little, too late. I mean C'mon, not even the 'Unknown Ghosts' here play it anymore and we used to be a solid GR fanbase! Haven't we seen the same thing with 'Soldner' and the other 999 games that were meant to be the 'dogs' but just turned out to be the 'bollox' part. Software is money and profit full stop. Hype it up till everyone is frothing at the mouth and if it turns out to be a bit of a lemon after a couple of million people have paid out 20-30 quid who's laughing? Not us that's for sure. I suppose you could be naive enough to believe that if you stopped buying their games for a while then we would all be happy ever after.. For sure, Microsoft is really crapping it's 'Operating System' pants with the likes of Apple or Linux on their tail - Oh ... no .. it isn't actually is it? Because we are all reading this on a 'Bill Gates Clone PC' aren't we.. Discuss: (Tant releases his moggy towards a large group of 'Rats with Wings' and awaits the outcome - giggles)
  10. Then it looks like we are under some sort of 'attack' .... run for the hills children.. don't look back.. the threads have gone forever..
  11. Looks like the database has been restored to an earlier time before the posts were made.. Maybe there was a problem and we have not been notified by the 'admins' ??
  12. I bought it online when the game was advertising it - I like the nippy little choppers, you can do some good damage with them: Some bugger even took my A10 out with one because he had the advantage of superior manoeuvrability..
  13. Okay. NP. I'm sure I'll find somewhere else to play
  14. Is the TuG COD2 server running? I've just tried connecting direct to the IP via my modified shortcut but it just sits and times out.. This is at the IP advertised
  15. and it ain't even Christmas yet! Played a bit on Multiplayer, what a feed of Shite.. Run Gun and try to shoot randomly spawning AI, there doesn't seem to be any logic behind some of their spawning - It's like the first variant when someone would spawn behind you having cleared a room No More. We waited this long for our supposedly superb follow-up tactical shooter only for someone to hand us a steaming turd instead. Someone in UbiSoft needs F*****g shooting that's for sure.
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