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  1. Eey guys welcome to the Club! I'll catch u guys up on Teamspeak!! Sam.
  2. Just 1 surf map because this 1 ROCKS!! http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Games/CS:S%20Maps/surf_greatcanal_v2_fix.rar\ Sam.
  3. I think all of that is because of there isnt a config on it ( public config ) or maybe because of the new mani it doesnt launch the config automaticly? Same for the Match server i have to do 3x RR by hand ftw Sam.
  4. Check these movies on the website there amazing !! http://abfhm.com/video The adult 1s are crazy man :biggrin: ( NO real sex things just Funny! ) Sam.
  5. Here some Speed kills http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/akawp.wmv EnJoy, Sam.
  6. Here again after some long time away i made some quick movies, just sit back and chill + dont expect anything special Some shots with me and FATOX http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/crazy.wmv How to pwn on a public when ur the last man standing in your team ( 1 << Me VS 6 ) http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/public.wmv And the final one, but not finished yet.... This is gona be my real movie with all my scenes in it.. its just an intro but chill em http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/Tha%20movie.wmv Chill it and drink beer . Greetings, Sam aKa P0rnstar !
  7. Yooow m8, Welcome in the team Come on TeamSpeak to see where we play Ciao, Sam.!
  8. Wierd your banned again, im sure i unbaned you... I just saw ur we're banned again so i unbaned u again m8. Gl and Hf on the server get some ppl in it Greetings, Sam.
  9. Heey there m8... I dont know how thingz went but i dont think any TuG would ban you with no reason unless people hack, i think it must be a mistake so i'll unban you now........ Yep your ready to rock on the Dust2 server gain . I'll ask J-Style what really happend and post here the awnser if u still interest in the awnser. Take Care, Sam. PS. Welcome to the forums 2 bad it had to goes this way but u should check the Counter-Strike:Source There are some movies i made .
  10. Yooohooo... Here a new 1 of today these kills are c00l http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/Sam@funny.wmv Also look at the layout of where my info (money,health etc.) is . Have Fun Sam.
  11. Yoow, i'll add you to my Xfire, and i will give u the IP and PW from the Teamspeak server so u can join us with some fun and matches Take it easy, Sam.
  12. I just made this 1 yesterday night, took some work and im not really happy about all the edits but ok here we go: http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/SamATawp.wmv Sam.
  13. hehe very nice shot m8!!! that 1 will get in the .TuG. movie:wink: Sam.
  14. Post here your CS:S movies edit or not , Just show us some cool frags . I'll start of with the last official match VS FH-C. Just 4 kills but its funny http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/Sam4kills.wmv This is the fastest shot i ever did with AWP... http://trs-gaming.com/downloads/sambrouwers/Movies/SamAWPomg.wmv More to come, I have to check my demo's to cut it. Sam.
  15. Dave... always when some1 do nice kills u gona say its ''HAX or ''Luck'' 1 time to say that is ''funny?'' but its enough, show ur big kills if that is hax or mine we're luck:smile:. Sam.
  16. Im still checking how thingz work over there i know some guys who play there aswell, so i'l find out shorlty. First i want the NR. 1 spot back on the 3 VS 3 then the pwnage on Clanbase . Sam.
  17. Official match of TWL.. Look at this man..Look at this!! GG J-style!! Sam.
  18. Just get steam and download the game!! so we can play this weekend some Day Of Defeat:Source!!!! Go Go Go, Sam.
  19. Here we go, just thought it would be nice to make a Thread for Party's where u go . I'll start with this Party, Fatox, Whoop that trick and me go's to this The website: http://www.sillysymphonies.nl/ for some photo's. Kapsones means Tough party . Sam.
  20. Heeeeeey Ato! Good job man, good aim and nice personality:wink:. Welcome to the Team m8! Sam.
  21. Here you go guys . http://www.badjojo.com/daily/game.php?var=6.03.24/03.swf Just click start , enjoy the ride!! Sam.
  22. Heeye! Finnaly you founf the forums:tongue:. Im Sam Brouwers BTW Yeah join us on Teamspeak so we can talk and have some fun!! Sam.
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