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    PARTY,GO OUT WITH FRIENDS,COMPUTER(GhostRecon)...have fun...
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  1. Thank You my dear friends!!!!!!!!I am having fun!!!
  2. HEy Guys.....Welcome Nip/Tuck.....Have Fun!
  3. ViRuSsS


    lool.....i miss u guys!!!we have to make an appointment,really
  4. ViRuSsS


    On the market it is valued at 3000 $ but i have some friends that take this directtly from the producer and i pay for it just 1000 $...It's not so much ....It's cool buddy... imagine 3.6 Ghz and 3 Gb / Ram
  5. ViRuSsS


    hey guys...in just a few days i can present my new aquisition... It's an AlienWare Notebook at 3.6 Ghz ::: 3 Gb ram ::: 256Mb Video Card ::: Hdd (200 Gb)...I'm so excited... And Now....Let's Rock
  6. I love to hear that my dear neighbour is in our klan....uhhh!!! Enjoy staying here my dear friend , and feel like home...hi-hi-hi:biggrin:
  7. Welcome to HELL baby!!!Kidding....Welcome,anyway
  8. Welcome dude...glad to have u in our team!
  9. I`m happy that i joined this klan , and you`re really cool all of you.I wish u a HappY NeW YeaR!!!It`s me in the PICTURE:blink:
  10. I'm on TS allmost all the time from 14:00 GMT until late in the night....I play GR...
  11. Hello Spiler in .TuG. Team Family...by the way ,Spiler is my neighbour... and my best friend...together we'll kick more buts..:D:D
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