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  1. Too many players lol! The schedule on the site is full but no-one is ever online or plays with the teamdirt tag only soooo...
  2. Oh my ****ing god lal! what a n00b .
  3. And what about when you join the tug 2 server, it says: Steam validation rejected?
  4. Uhm, does this mean the stats on TuG 2 are now on kill death ratio ?
  5. MY friend gave me a link via xfire about a fatass who's trying to imitate FPS Doug, if you dont know FPS Doug, go here: www.purepwnage.com. He's the Counterstrike pro and his friend Jeremy the C&C Generals Pro. So that will give some arguments, but alright. Just watch this video and you'll know what I mean: http://media.putfile.com/FPS-Jimmy_0001.
  6. Hey FATOX, thought that was your clan >_<. Welcome .
  7. you made a typo, becuz 1023 mb ram doesn't excist (I thought ).
  8. Xotim, yeah ive seen you play before =).
  9. Soz, my parents wouldnt let you in () and i live too far away from Amsterdam.
  10. Serenity


    Looking cool buddy, very cool ;D.
  11. Not even on Saturday or Sunday =o?
  12. You should come more online in the afternoon then =).
  13. Lol, welcome =). Cool camper at CSS =).
  14. Im going to review you at all aspects now, dont think it sux but i just give comments. Very nice colouring i love it. But there's no depth in the bg or something going on in the bg =9. It needs a border and the render should be bigger, becuz the sig is very large too. Text could use alot of work. No stroke for instance. Try mae sigs at 350 x 125 px =). Very nice sig m8... You should check out my gallery =].
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