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  1. Was starting to feel a bit like Rambo against the rest of the Army! Crouched trying to defuse the M-Com station bomb as the house walls were being blown out around me was actually making me feel pretty scared! Had some good games last night, enjoyed them immensely, I think when we're in a squad there's some really nice teamwork going on, lots of support, spotting and covering fire on targets, it's good the game rewards spotting and kill assists, really encourages people to work together! QuantumAsh was wandering around on our server by himself waiting for people to show up, if any of you guys could send him a friend request then he'd be able to find some more games if we we're on other servers. Cheers for the shout JB, i've still not got this sniping lark sorted out yet
  2. Yo Katikus, welcome to the world of .TuG.
  3. Game is good fun, works well once you've unlocked a few bits and pieces, also the squad stuff is good!

  4. 60GB SSD for the OS drive, 4GB Ram, Intel i5 2.66Ghz Overclocked to 4Ghz Shall have to have a word with Beaver about server contributions at some point as well Cheers, Sherriff
  5. Hopefully my 5850 will be up to the job of BFBC2, seemed to play the demo alright ;-) Sherriff
  6. Got my key, will be trying to download the beta when it's released! Cheers, Sherriff
  7. Stay strong brothers, do not falter and be tempted by the lure of cheap software prices!
  8. I thought it was utter rubbish, played it a couple of times and it's now sat gathering dust. Borderlands on the other hand is turning out to be really good fun, good missions, good guns, excellent graphical style, single player is amusing, the brief bit of co-op i've tried so far was ace as well!
  9. I don't think so Dave, maybe he's all in a panic because of the massive backlash from PC gamers and felt he needed to try and pacify all the people he's angered? I shall wait and see the reviews and community feedback, but I suspect the big gunshot wound in his foot won't be so easy to bandage... Sherriff
  10. Have cancelled my pre-order, not planning to get it unless there is a major u-turn on the decisions about the PC version and it's multiplayer setup. Sherriff
  11. Story has now appeared on the Eurogamer site as well, who knows if the petition will make any difference, to ignore 50,000 potential customers seems like a foolish move to me, but is 50,000 that many in the grand scheme of the expected sales? I haven't cancelled yet, i'm hoping there will be some sort of response from the development team, if they don't come back with 'good' news then I will not be spending my money on this game. Disappointedly, Sherriff
  12. What is going on with the developers at the moment? So many companies going towards the console gamer, PC market has gamers willing to pay for their products and they keep screwing us over royally! FPS games have a natural home on the PC, the mouse keyboard combination is ideally suited to point and shoot! If this is the case then it's another game that will be getting cancelled on my pre-order list! Sherriff P.S. I've just signed a petition about this idiotic decision, if you want to as well then add your voice to the angry shouting here MW2 Dedicated Server Petition
  13. Here's the review from IGN Op Flash 2 Review Have a read, see what you think. Sherriff
  14. Just read this article on Eurogamer, it's only a rumor but still the seeds of doubt have been sown... COD:MW2 Eurogamer article Hope it's not true!
  15. Well it's only a few days until Section 8 is officially released (11/09/2009)! I've been watching it for a while and i'm looking forward to getting stuck in, Eurogamer scored it at 8/10 today (Section 8 Review) Sounds like there's quite a lot to it, different classes and loadouts plus 10 slots to customise the effectiveness of your choices and that good team play is required to do well, it's not that much to buy £22.99 on shopto.net, if anyone else is grabbing a copy then shout and we can try and get on a server once they're up and running. Cheers, Sherriff
  16. I'd be up for another visit to the 'i' series, Easter sounds like a plan!
  17. That's "Senior Gamer" thankyou! Cheers guys
  18. Um, the link you posted is a news page from the train2game site, showing video game news from around the world, I can't see any stories on there about train2game themselves. From the brief search I did the company seems to be owned by the same guy who owns some other distance learning companies which as far as I can see have a less than favourable reputation. I'm not trying to discourage you Atomic, far from it, I like to see people do well in the world and I believe the games industry is a good one to get into, but I don't want you to be scammed for what I think is a considerable amount of money. Have a read of this thread for a bit more background from someone who was interested in doing the course I think you're talking about. Just make sure you've looked outside of the train2game website for information. Cheers and Good Luck, Sherriff
  19. Without meaning to put too much of a dampener on your enthusiasm, have you properly checked out this course? I've just googled a bit on train2game and the results were less than encouraging. Good luck if it's all above board, I just hope you've done the background checks before handing over nearly 5k. Cheers, Sherriff
  20. I thought the 1.02 patch gave the option to turn these off?
  21. It's not maps as such, just one big island if I understand correctly
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