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The Unknown Ghosts

oh my god, they killed benny


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Originally posted by .TuG.Beaver@Apr 26 2005, 01:10 AM

I spoke with him over the weekend on teh phone - he's been very busy knocking his house down (well his front room) and rebuilding it. :)



tell him I said he can stop by and say hi, hes still welcome here ;)


i know how it is though, i've got my computer stuff (including a web site for my brothers new store. ((if anyone wants to help))) my gaming, my music, (i'll post a pic of my studio) and of course my 68 fiat spider (i'll post a pic of that too.)

hell even when i make a simple post (notice all the side notes) it takes my time up. did i mention i have 3 kids as well (the 2 and a half year old twins) and my wife is sitting for 2 more kids.


shit i gota go crazy bbl :blahblah1: :beer::beamme::yikes:



edit--->looks like one of nevvvvers posts hehehe

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