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The Unknown Ghosts

New TUG website *UPDATE*


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The new & improved TUG website should hopefully be going live sometime in the next week.


In future - the main TUG website & forums, etc will be located at:




All other domains - clan-tug.com & clan-tug.net - will either be deleted or forwarded to this and all email addresses will change to:


@clantug.com format.


Please keep checking the new URL. :)


If you experiance any problems then please let me know. :)

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Originally posted by TUG_BULLDOG@Nov 6 2003, 01:34 PM

lookin amazing beav just let me know what content you need me to help with?

ok, ty - If you look at the sniper content so far - you'll see I still havent put any info for 3 of the weapons - can you get something together, similar to the other descriptions please. :)


Then we can go onto the Rifleman Kits.

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