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search engin problem.... need help


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hi something has hijaked my main serch engins like google and yahoo, when i do a search it brings back the normal results but when i click on a result it forwards me to a random page whitch has a little to do with what a was looking for but is defo! not the page i cliked on.


i have been killing hijackers for years, i have every anti viras software under the sun and i know the score when it comes to removing trojans etc... but this bitch is undetectable :(


any ideas????

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Sound like you have a nasty hijack there.


Try the following progs to help identify it.


Ad-Aware Personal 1.06 (Scanner)



VX2 Cleaner (Cleaner)



Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4 (Scanner)



SpywareBlaster 3.5 (Immunizer)



CWS Shredder - which fixes browser hijacks by Cool Web Search.


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