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TGL League


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Hello Fella's.


A new era of online gaming has begin. TGL ? Terror gaming league. You?ve heard of Enemy down, Clanbase and Euro-domination, but now its time to pit your wits against the cream of Europe.


League signups are now live for games including Call Of Duty 2, Battlefield 2, Counterstrike Source, Day Of Defeat Source, Pro Evo Soccer 5

Tournaments and new leagues will also be part of the TGL, with great prizes for the winners of each individual league and cup.

Signup at www.cwcgamers.co.uk and create a team, join a league, and be part of the action. For more information visit www.cwcgamers.co.uk



Online gaming just turned lethal!



TGL producers.




X-Fire - jarhead291

Msn - jarhead291@hotmail.com

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