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The Unknown Ghosts

I'd like to join TuG


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Heya guys


I'm Decibel

im 15 years old and im from Holland.

id like to join Tug becouse i think that im a good player and im bored of having no clan for 2 weeks now :/

I have a microphone, skype, ventrillo (all versions) and teamspeak.

my xfire = elerto

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yes join tug and hang around for 2 months on trial sounds fun doesnt it

i actually tried 2 play with u lot but for sum reason i lag on the tug server

i ask on xfire if there r any pcw's goin and i get no reply for about 2hrs

and then they reply "no"

when i come on l8er there appears 2 be a match

my trial has taken 2 long

i have been in around 15 pcw's with u lot if not more

i have proven myself

now that im bored with the clan im going 2 stop trialing and go and find another clan 2 trial with


PS:it was me spamming ur Ts i got bored with the fact that i got bumped off and now im banned which is another reason for me to stop trialing

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First of all you're unbanned on teamspeak. You were annoying us yesterday badly while we were playing a match. Because you've said it was you i've unbanned you. Besides that I don't think the solution is another clan. I did see you on teamspeak, but the matches we played together were crap. Stick to the rules which we have when we're playing matches. ;)

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ive been trialing for 2 months and thats just taking the piss:mad:


I've been trialing for a month. That depends on yourself. If you almost never show up or if you don't play like we expect you must play, it will cost more time to convince the others that you're ready to be a full member. Ask them about it.

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