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June Patch Details Announced

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Ubisoft have finally released a ton of information on the upcoming 'june' mp patch.


Taken from ghostrecon.com today:


Game mode Deathmatch added.


A new gametype Deathmatch(DM) has been added to the game, along with 3 new DM maps.


New coop missions.


Missions 1, 5 and 9 have been updated to work in Coop mode. You can now enjoy the full campaign in multiplayer.


Server interface revamped.


Numerous new server options are now available:

  • Start match conditions ("All slots full", "All players are ready", "one player on each side is ready", and "server is ready").
  • Tactical points can be disabled.
  • Any player joining a spawn limited server will only have as many spawns as the player with the least left, or 0 if the match has only 1 spawn.
  • Players on a spawn limited server will be spawned automatically into the game after 60 seconds.
  • An "Immortality at respawn" option has been added, and it can be from 1 to 10 seconds.

Statistics screen for Domination has been updated.


It now contains better overall match statistics, round statistics and keeps stats from round to round(for the duration of the match). You can now see the current match scores and time remaining in the ingame status screen, default "Tab" key.


Weapon kits are now available.


At the bottom of the Inventory you can now find 4 default kits, fully customizable. If a server is playing with the "Disabled tactical points" option, your selected kit will automatically be re-selected on every spawn.


Better impact sensation.


Some new sounds have been added for when you're hit or when hitting others. When hit, your reticule will be nudged off center. Character models have also been updated, so there's a generally larger area considered to be a "headshot". Weapons damage has also been updated, increasing the chance a single shot to the head will generate an instant kill.


Colours have been added to the chat window.


Your actions are represented by blue, while red is hostile activity. A yellow hue is used for s tatus messages and chat is still white. The chat window can now also be toggled in three modes, default key "u": regular, transparent or hidden.


Anticheat server option has been added.


When enabled this feature will run certain checks to match the client with the server. Note that this will affect any users with modded files, including the main GRAW.exe. If you wish to play using modified files, make sure the server configuration matches your own, or you will not be able to play (this includes all files in the ./local/ directory).


Editor has been added.


Grins own editor has been updated and is now released for public use. You can always reach the built-in help functions by pressing "F1". We've also included a basic tutorial document, which you can find in the "Support" directory where you installed GRAW. After you've made your map, press "Escape" and then "Export" to prepare the map for the game. This will allow you to set some options like lightmaps and level quality. Please note that for large maps rendering these can take a very long time. Once the process has been completed, a file with your maps name and extension .bundle can be found in the custom_levels directory of GRAW. This .bundle file can then be distributed, and is the only result file you need to share. All players wanting to play your map must have a local copy of it.


Chat has been added to status screens.


Chat Window now allows for more text in higher resolutions.


A sticky leaning feature (enabled by default) has been added in the Game options.


Primary weapon, secondary weapon, backpack, grenade launcher, frag grenade and smoke grenade can now be bound to hotkeys.


Anti aliasing: Edge smoothing feature has been added to the graphics options.


There's now a "Connecting to" dialog box when connecting to a server. This will display more information and possible error messages about why you cannot join a server.


Custom context.xml files can now be loaded with a -o parameter on GRAW.exe.


Screenshot button can now be bound from the Options screen. Default key "Ins". AI UPDATES

  • AI now correctly identifies mounted weapons and gun nests as threat.
  • AI will now attack vehicles with soldiers that they can harm (including helicopters).
  • AI will now always go into combat mode if being fired upon.
  • AI teammates are more prone to seek lower covers. They will sit down instantly when taking fire.
  • AI teammates will try to avoid running in front of you when you are shooting, if you are close enough.


  • Changed statistics screen for coop to contain more information for all.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in ghost cam when the coop mission ended.
  • Fixed a bug where AI statistics were lost when a player respawned.
  • You can now aim down while lying down(in prone) where it's natural to do so.
  • Strafing after sprinting will no longer instantly bring up your gun.
  • Removed a small delay before being able to run after reloading.
  • Amount of grenades have been tuned in multiplayer.
  • Rust pipes have been fixed.
  • Updated some graphics objects to display correctly.
  • Regular weapons can no longer blow up barrels.
  • MP02 (Warehouses) has been updated and some physics effects removed.
  • Enemy markers now correctly appear on hostile tanks and helicopters.
  • Fixed some minor crashes and bugs.
  • Players can now correctly buy more ammo in MP.
  • Weapons switch correctly synchronizes in MP.
  • Fixed typo that caused the air condition sound to continue after being broken.
  • General interface fixes.
  • Game no longer crashes if you load a Domination map with no zones.

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