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The Unknown Ghosts

Deus Ex 2:Invisible War

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Well for me this is a long awaited sequel, i really enjoyed the original Deus Ex and still fire it up from time to time, for me its one of the better games ever made, and with the help of the unreal engine they really fucked the sequel up.


To say i'm very disappointed is probably the understatement of the decade, i downloaded the demo yesterday, and just installed it today, and played it and although i didnt complete the demo i'd quite frankly had enough by the time i died anyway, problems are as follows.


New inventory interface allows you to carry up to 10 items regardless of item size, but its quite difficult to swap between weapons.


The ragdoll death throws of the tangos looks as always just totally dumb, its like killing jellyfish.


The graphics this time around arent in my opinion as sharp and well real (as possible) as the original its leaning almost towards cartoony.


The list goes on and on, why cant developers look at what they created before and say something like "well this was hugely successful lets leave it the same sort of format but create new missions and maps" instead of the more usual "Right the our first outing was hugely succesful lets change everything so the game looks completly different and sucks some serious ass, and is quite frankly unplayable".


They really need to employ ppl from the gaming sector that arent afraid to tell them their new game sucks.


That way they might be able to create something that is truely worth of having the "Deus Ex" logo attached to it.





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I just got it and I'm going to try it out tonight. From reading the review on GameSpy it sounds like they took out a lot of the skill point allocation that I liked so much from the first installment. Not to mention there is only one type of ammo for all weapons. No more anti-bot rounds that were often so key in the first game. I know I hate ragdoll deaths, so that knocks it down to 3/5 before its even installed. Can a bitchin' storyline bring it back up to 4? Will incredible new aumentations turn this ugly duckling into a delicious Christmas goose?!


Stay tuned... :o;):P:rolleyes::D


Read the review here

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After three installs I finally got it to work.


Should have read a book. Do not waste your time. I love it when a design team takes everything that you loved about a game and tosses it out the window. In lieu of a box they should wrap the game in toilet paper so I can at least wipe my ass with it.

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