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Just played through the SP demo. It's great! the level I played is a lot more expansive than GR:AW, but not as expansive as GR. The AI is inproved, your men use their GLs and switch to MP5's etc when in cramped conditions (nice touch). The accuracy of the rifls is unbeleivable, and they've made the red dot on the scope a lot less intrusive. On the RX4 rifle the red spot has been replaced with a little red triangle(??) the point of which is where the bullet is gonna go!! It works great. You can also tag enemies in SP mode!!!!!!! (YESSSSSSSSSSS) Which adds a new dimension to tactical planning.

Did I mention that is looks absolutely gorgeous? The distant scenery looks bout as real as I've ever seen on a PC. The explosions are amazing (at one point I took out an APC with a .50cal machine gun and sent baddies flying everywhere) The scope for tactical attacks is back thanks to the much impoved cross com as it works the same way as GR, you can set up pincer movements with ease.

It's gonna be a real quality game in co-op mode!

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yeah, you're totally right, tweaks...

the demo is just so great, it looks totally beautiful and the gameplay is much more improved than GR:AW..oh, i should not forget to mention that i will get the full version of GR:AW 2 on 12th of July or a few days later so that i can play it with you mates :)


haha, i can't play GR:AW anymore, i played it in the i-net couple of days ago and i totally loosed...i dunno, GR:AW 2 is so much different in my opinion, it's so different that i am not able to reach anything in graw 1:blink:


:D the next months are gonna be HOT and OWNED haha

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