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GR:AW2 Reviewed in PCZone

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Just had this months copy of PC Zone drop through the door and they have a review of GR:AW2 as their top review.


The give GR:AW2 80% & a 'recommended' tag.


They do praise the SP game & make a small mention that MP is great fun, etc.




Graphics: Decent but hugely power-hungry.


Sound: Superb musical score, realistic SFX and passable acting.


Multiplayer: The best thing about the game.




Diverse, detailed levels.

Brilliant in multiplayer.

Tense & tactical

Great interface & strategic tools.




Too similar to GR:AW

Poor AI





GRAW 1.5

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oh yeah, i agree, the AI is soo stupid...:mad:




Minimum requirements:


CPU: at least 2 ghz Intel or comparable AMD (recommended 2,8 ghz Intel)


RAM: at least 1024 mb


Harddrive: 5 gb


Operating system: Windows XP/Windows Vista


Graphics card: at least 128 mb(256 mb recommended)

ATI Radeon 9700-9800/X700-X1950

NVIDIA GeForce: 6600-8800 so far

gotta be compatible with shader model 2.0

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