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GR:AW2 - TWL EU Power Ladder Win


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We are pleased to have played our 2nd match of many more matches to come, we hope, in GR:AW2.


Facing off against uk.gif FullTimeKillers on the TWL EU Power Ladder.


The final scores:


Map 1 - Lagoon [Hamburger Hill]

TuG [ 0 : 2 ] FTK


Map 2 - Calavera [Hamburger Hill]

TuG [ 2 : 0 ] FTK


Map 3 - Crashsite [Hamburger Hill]

TuG [ 2 : 1 ] FTK


Overall Score: TuG > FTK [ 2 : 1 ] on maps.


TuG Players:

uk.gif Skeeta (Team Captain)

uk.gif Beaver

us.gif Bran

uk.gif Brok21k

uk.gif Colin

de.gif Gop

uk.gif Tweak


Well done guys & gg's to FTK for a great match... :)


Also, congratulations to Colin, Bran & Tweak for getting their 1st GR:AW2 match under their belt.

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