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Originally posted over on charlieoscardelta.com


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare FAQ


Disclaimer: This game is currently in development as such this FAQ is subject to change and will be updated as new information is confirmed.


Developer: Infinity Ward

Publisher: Activision

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Official Site: www.charlieoscardelta.com

# Online:

Xbox 360 / PS3: 1 - 16 Players

PC: 32+ Players

Rating: Rating Pending



Last Stand MP Perk HD (Gameplay)

Deep Impact MP Perk HD (Gameplay)

Double Tap MP Perk HD (Gameplay)

Multiplayer Content Interview HD

The Bog Rescue HD (Gameplay)

Vehicle and Weapon Interview HD

Evolution of Storyline Interview HD

Military Advisor Interview HD

Official Reveal Trailer HD

Will there be Anti-cheat out of box?

Yes, we will have Anti-cheat support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare out of box. We have not announced which Anti-cheat system we will be using at this point however, but it will be available at launch.


Will there be Mod Tools / Support?

Yes, we do plan on releasing Mod tools and Mod support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there may not be mod tools out of box however we are working to ensure that we have Mod tools and support as soon after launch as possible.


Will There Be Http Redirect?

Yes, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will utilize Http redirect.


I read about classes in MP, how does that work in COD4:MW?

In multiplayer there will be five default classes each with a set weapons load out and three default Perks per class. There will also be the option to Create-a-Class which you can unlock through ranking up that allows you to customize your primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade type, up to three perks, and accessories for your primary and secondary weapons (i.e. scopes, sights, camo schemes).


What are Perks and how do they work?

Perks are a new addition to multiplayer in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which act as special abilities to customize your character to your play style. These perks are broken up into three categories and are limited to only having three active at a time (one per category). There are a vast number of perks available, creating a unique MP experience every match with the large amount of difference combinations available.


A new perk will be revealed each week, check the top of this FAQ in the VIDEOS portion for links to videos showcasing perks as they become available.


What are the confirmed perks?

We will be confirming new ones every week, so far we have confirmed:


* Last Stand: Fall to the ground and pull out your pistol for one last chance to kill the enemy before dying.

* Stopping Power: Increased Bullet Damage.

* Juggernaut: Increased Health.

* Martydom: Drop a grenade when you die. (Anti-Tbag Technology)

* Endurance: Longer Sprint.

* Deep Impact: Increased Bullet Penetration.

* Double Tap: Increased Rate of Fire.


Can Perks or other options be modified or disabled?

Yes, server admins and players will have a large amount of config options to disable / enable as they see fit on their servers. Perks can be disabled and plenty of gameplay options can be modified. Server Admins and players will have a healthy config file to assist them.


Will there be Ranking and how does it work?

Yes, there is a ranking system in multiplayer. As you play the game you gain XP = Experience Points, the more XP you gain the higher you will Rank up.


The Ranking loosely follows military Marine ranks although there are more ranks in the game than there are actual Marine ranks, so there will be multiple levels to each rank.


As you Rank up you will unlock more and more weapons and gear to customize your weapon load out. This includes completely new weapons, new sights, new scopes, new grips, new camo schemes, and more.



Will there be kill cam in Multiplayer?

Yes, Kill-cam will be in multiplayer just like Call of Duty 2.


Is Sprinting a new feature in COD4:MW?

Yes, we have introduced Sprinting to both Single and Multiplayer. This is great for getting to cover quickly while underfire.


In one of the videos I noticed someone stab someone, what was that?

Yep, that is our new and incredibly awesome (if I do say so myself) Knife Melee. When things get crazy and you're within hand to hand combat distance, break out a lethal knife stab / swipe / lunge to take down the enemy with your knife.


How many multiplayer gametypes are there, and are the same ones from Call of Duty 2 there?

We're not announcing all the gametypes just yet, but we have brought back all the gametypes from Call of Duty 2 as well as introduced several new ones. The currently confirmed gametypes include:


* Free-for-All (deathmatch)

* Team Deathmatch

* Capture the Flag

* Search and Destroy

* Headquarters

* Sabatoge

* Oldschool (no details available)

* Domination (no details available)


What is Hardcore mode?

We've introduced a new realism mode for the hardcore players, which you can play along with any of the gametypes. So you can play all the gametypes either standard or Hardcore Mode. When playing Hardcore mode there is no HUD, and weapons do more damage (realistic damage).


Can you throw grenades back in Multiplayer?

Yes, you can throw grenades back in Single and Multiplayer.


Can you cook grenades?

Yes, you can cook grenades in both single player and multiplayer.



Note: This FAQ is a work in progress. I'll be updating it as more information is confirmed and revealed. Thanks!


Infinity Ward: Community Relations Manager



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Confirmed on the infinity ward site


What are the confirmed perks?

We will be confirming new ones every week, so far we have confirmed:


Category 1:

Bomb Squad - Ability to seek out enemy explosives

* (2x) RPG-7 - You will have an RPG-7 in the game.

* (3x) Special Grenades - You will be able to use special grenades in the game such as flash grenades.

* (2x) C4 - When enabled, you will have two C4's per spawn.

* (2x) Claymore - Trip activated exposive mines

* Frag x 3

* Bandolier


Category 2:

* Double Tap - Increased Rate of Fire.

* Grenade Launcher - Your assault rifle will come with an undermounted grenade launcher attachment (enabling this * prevents you from further customizing your weapon).

* Juggernaut - Gives you extra health.

* Sleight of Hand - You can reload your gun faster.

* Stopping Power - Bullets do more damage.

* Sonic Boom - Higher explosive damage

* UV Radar Jammer - You will not be detected on radar by firing or from radar in the sky.


Category 3:

* Iron Lung - Increases the time you can hold your breathe while zooming in with a sniper.

* Eavesdrop - Allows you to listen in on enemy conversation within 30 meters (approximately 90 feet).

* Endurance - Longer Sprint.

* Martyrdom - Drop a grenade just before you die to kill any nearby enemies.

* Last Stand - Pull out a pistol after you are downed to shoot your killer before you bleed out.

* Deep Impact - Increases penetration and damage of all weapons through walls or cover.

* Extreme Conditioning - Allows you to sprint longer.

* Dead Silence - You make less noise as you move.

* Steady Aim - Increase hip-fire accuracy


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