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The Unknown Ghosts

Hidden & Dangerous 2

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Well if i was asked to sum this game up in 3 words theyd be, WASTE OF MONEY.


Well i bought H&D2, yesterday, installed it today (Sat), and as i always do, i decided to play through the Campaigns on easy first, which i am thoroughly glad i did because even set on easy this game goes beyond hard.


In the standard campaigns, you are required to sneak around some german patrols, as thats whats required but when you have a 4 man team, the AI soldiers shoot at everything they see, so sneaking becomes impossible, so i have chosen to play through the LONE WOLF missions, which are exactly the same as the standard campaigns, but as the name suggests you only get one soldier, which can suck on some maps but it useful for sneaking where necessary.


It has taken me about 16 hours to play through 5 missions, which is retarded, as they are not long missions its just so goddam hard you have to keep playing it over again cause you get wasted by tango's you dont see.


Ive just started a desert mission which is dumb beyond belief, mainly because of the quantity of tango's your against.


Ive not been able to play the MP yet because for some reason when ever i click to join a server, it just hangs which is gay.


All in all if ya thinking of buying it - then dont - spend your money on something else cause this shit aint worth it. :(

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