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The Unknown Ghosts

Obsidian Edge 2

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Well i post on the OBS 2 forums to see what its going to be like this was the response, sounds good i you havent played Crysis yet i would , the gameplay is the same old and the multiplayer sucks but the graphics are great, i like it and i can imagine what a good modder could do with this.






Hello all, i have looked through the forums and found a lot of info on your upcoming MOD, the maps pics look great, i have played farcry, it looked good and that is all the gameplay was like most games now, very poor, i am now playing through the single player mode of Crysis which for me is a first as i never play sp, but it looks so good i have to go back, i dream of Ghost recon like this, the MP side of crysis is poor not for me.


I am mainly a MP player but am disapointed with whats out there at the moment so looking for something to fill the void.


My question is will you mod be anything like GR.


e.g will the weapons be accurate, no jumping, no super speed running, no advanced strenght, the cloak is nice.


Thanks all nice site BTW.


Oh also will you feel you are being shot like Gr, not like so many other games where you are getting shot but can easily return fire.


And will the server set up be easy to use ie like old gr, you know im not a modder but if i were i would make my game easy to use.








Hey Tug welcome to the OE forums!


I have to say that OE could be made just for you.


We wont have:


Futuristic weapons

Bunny hoppers

Unrealistic run speeds

Excess Strength

Headless chickens (we had complaints about animal cruelty icon_razz.gif )


But we will have:

Tactical use of transportation

Realistic weapons

Realistic movement speeds

Realistic physical response to taking fire (OE1 had "bullet spin", wait till you see "damage spin"!)

Realistic Squad based objectives and game play

Intuitive Server admin panel, with "sweet spot" quick set up menu

Innnovative Health and damage system


Plus a few other suprises we are keeping under wraps for now.


I hope that has whetted your appetite?


Looks promising

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This is some more info on this mod.

Home Page.




So what is Obsidian Edge 1? (FAQ)

Written by Soroc

Friday, 26 August 2005

Obsidian Edge is a new mod for Far Cry multiplayer that was developed by the Polishing Weevils Mod Team. It takes the regular vanilla Far Cry game to a whole new level of realism. The Mod team has taken everything players loved about past tactical shooters like Operation Flash Point, Ghost Recon, Ravenshield, Call of Duty and others, and used the Cry Engine to develop a mod that sucks you in and feels extremely realistic. They have done this by adding things not seen in a first person shooter before, such as damage spin when taking fire and true night vision including bloom when looking at a light (think CNN)...




A lot of people were impressed by Far Cry

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I can't wait for this. Hopefully if its as good as they say, if we can get it on TWL and whore around by getting the old GR/GRAW clans on it, it might be what we've been waiting for. COD4 is really fun, but a full open large scale realistic tactical shooter is what im really here for. Imagine using tanks/vechicles as moving cover on full terrian while snipers cover and spot, thas what is all about.


I think I just had a spunky sex piss :P

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Seems they are still on track


Obsidian Edge October Update pdf_button.png printButton.png emailButton.png Written by BSR_Bamboo Friday, 03 October 2008 Yes………………We’re Still Alive.

Welcome back everyone. Lots of crazy things have been happening in the last few months. As many of you know our website was hacked, and decided to give the homepage a facelift while we were fixing things. The site will continue to evolve with new features and tricks added.

We also recently just saw the release of Crysis Warhead. We will be looking into its features once the C++ code is released to see how Warhead's release might impact our release strategy.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, as we mentioned in an earlier news post, we are well behind where we had planned to be. And no one is more bothered by that than the Obsidian Edge Dev team. At the moment we are still ramping production back up, but with real progress starting to happen. Unfortunately, some team members have had to go AFK to handle real life issues, but we have been adding new talent to replace them.

At the moment, we have started testing our internal Alpha build. A lot of coding work, with its associated stand alone testing has been done and is looking good, while work on mapping and props continues.

For instance, right now one of the very active threads in the Dev. section of the forums is how to best implement the role of medic into the game. I just started a thread in the forum titled How should the medic role work in OE? , and would like to hear from as many people as possible.

Be sure to click the Read More link to the right for the rest of the update..........


So where are we going next?


As of right now, our plan is to conduct phased beta testing, when the time is right. Each trailing patch will contain additional new content, allowing us to release once the core game is ready to be played. The plan looks something like this:

  • Internal Alpha - Team only; iron out the major bugs
  • Closed Beta - Invitation only; Iron out minor bugs and game play issues
  • Open Beta - Hopefully focused more on game play though I am sure some bugs will slip through.
  • Release - Monitor for bugs
  • Patch - Fix bugs and release additional content, will require additional beta test

So where do you all fit in?

There is actually a lot you, the public can do to help move Obsidian Edge along. We will of course need beta testers when the time comes, but please understand that what we really need are real, high quality testers, especially at first. Cuz and myself (Bamboo) will be in charge of helping our Beta testers, and for the early Closed Beta mentioned above, we will be looking for people that have previous beta testing experience and who we will be able to get solid feedback from. We will have to be pretty picky at the beginning because we need people that are going to be understanding of beta work, and will be very thorough in descriptions in what they find so we can fix it.

If you feel you are up for the task, and realize early testers actually have to do some work, not just walk around in the map drooling on their feet (ok, maybe for the 1st day or 2) then by all means let us know. Having experience with the Mantis bug tracking program would be a plus. Beta tester applications can be found by clicking on the Contact Us tab at the top of the homepage.

Of course there is still a lot of Alpha testing and Internal Beta testing left to do before the Closed Beta, so please be patient.

Also, something everyone reading this can do to help move Obsidian Edge along is to keep checking back here at our site for updates to stay informed on the latest news. And when you see someone in another forum complaining about a current game, take a moment to name drop our mod and link to our website. That is how a mod really gets on its feet, through word of mouth advertising (spamming I believe is the clinical term).

And as always, if you have some skills in modding such as mapping, modeling, texturing, etc, and think you have what it takes to be on our team, get in touch and we will be more than happy to have our art team look over your work for consideration.

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Waste of time them continuing to develop for the old crysis engine imho - they should wait and consolidate into the new crysis wars engine as alot of people will have moved onto it by now.


With an improved engine in the newest release and a much better MP experience this time around - I suspect OE2 will finally be released for the old crysis engine when the game is dead, just like OE1 was, which is a shame. :frown:

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