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  1. New Game Play: http://thegamershub.net/2012/04/medal-of-honor-warfighter-gameplay-trailer/ On Par with "BF3" http://mp1st.com/2012/04/13/medal-of-honor-warfighter-on-par-with-battlefield-3-devs-spending-a-lot-of-time-on-console/
  2. -The MAV will now be destroyed when running into a soldier or vehicle at high speed. It is still possible to strategically sacrifice your MAV on a soldier; it will be destroyed in the process. -The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator. 2 very good points!
  3. Heres a free beta one: http://ipbwi.com/
  4. I was thinking of linking Word Press accounts with IP boards ones. And I found a hook, which is more of a seamless experience. But I might help us create a better stats profile in wordpress http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/2568/entry-6248-wordpress-sso-integration-for-ipboard/
  5. Welcome mate. Will your friend V be joining you. Another name hard to say.
  6. I can't do them daters either. Is there any other events apart from multiplay?
  7. Nice mate. Another idea, Could we display our TWL and other comp results. I know their old, but it would be nice to show them of on the main page. I was thinking about digging out the graw1 and GR stats. Might have a go at writing a stat plugin for wordpress. I aint done any coding for ages. Plus a new sig template would be nice.
  8. also found IP Board comments : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ipb-comments-for-wordpress/screenshots/
  9. heres one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/battlefield-3-statistics/screenshots/
  10. Well done. It would be nice to get profiles, which can integrate into the games stats etc. There might be some already out, Wordpress is pretty big. I'll have a look. If not we might be able to create one using http://bf3stats.com/ links. It allows you to access the API via. HTTP POST.
  11. Battlefield 3 At i45 we are hosting a Battlefield 3 tournament, and to make it much more entertaining to play in, we are using a new 8v8 format with vehicles and all gear enabled, so you can enjoy many games of this awesome shooter by EA and Dice. This is a fun tournament aimed at everyone enjoying some competitive games of BF3, but as with all of our tournaments – there will be prize money! Watch this space for more information and when signups open up! If i46 has a bf3 tournament, were signing up! Rank up quick guys! I smell some matching around the corner!!!!
  12. Wank! I'm at my mates wedding on the 22nd\!!!! can't we do it later in the year!
  13. I heard its to do with ULTRA video settings in MP, try chaning to HIGH : ultra settings are unstable for nvidi 5xx series apparently. I play on lowest settings anyway, after 10min I forget, and the boost in preformance improves my game. 1+ AMD = nvidi -1
  14. Im currently doing night shifts, and very bored! I'm slightly behind on the ranking so I thought I look for some tweaks that would help: C4 + Jeep SOFLAM Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NplIcbvNgpk A Comprehensive Guide to Damaging Tanks Assault Defibrillator - 4,000 Assault Points M320 - 11,000 Assault Points M416 - 22,000 Assault Points M26 MASS - 38,000 Assault Points AEK-971 - 60,000 Assault Points M16A3 - 89,000 Assault Points F2000 - 124,000 Assault Points AN-94 - 166,000 Assault Points M16A4 (for RU) & AK-74M (for US) - 220,000 Assault Points Engineer FIM-92 Stinger (for US) & SA-18 IGLA (for RU) - 3,000 Engineer Points M15 AT Mine - 7,000 Engineer Points SCAR-H - 14,000 Engineer Points EOD Bot - 25,000 Engineer Points M4 - 40,000 Engineer Points A-91 - 58,000 Engineer Points FGM-148 Javelin - 82,000 Engineer Points G36C - 110,000 Engineer Points M4A1 (for RU) & AKS-74u (for US) - 145,000 Engineer Points Support C4 - 4,000 Support Points M249 - 11,000 Support Points M18 Claymore - 23,000 Support Points M224 Mortar - 40,000 Support Points PKP Pecheneg - 60,000 Support Points M240B - 90,000 Support Points M60E4 - 130,000 Support Points M27 IAR (for RU) & RPK-74M (for US) - 170,000 Support Points Recon T-UGS - 5,000 Recon Points SV98 - 13,000 Recon Points SOFLAM - 26,000 Recon Points MAV - 45,000 Recon Points SKS - 71,000 Recon Points M40A5 - 104,000 Recon Points M98B - 146,000 Recon Points MK11 MOD 0 (for RU) & SVD (for US) - 195,000 Recon Points Coop Unlocks MP412 REX - 63,000 score - All kit revolver side arm. KH2002 - 126,000 score - Assault kit assault rifle. MP7 - 189,000 score - All kit SMG. M39 EMR - 252,000 score - Recon kit rifle. 93R - 315,000 score - All kit side arm. SG553 - 378,000 score - Engineer kit carbine. G3A3 - 441,000 score - Assault kit assault rifle.
  15. Hi, I recently built a media centre, but I'm thinking of turning it into a gaming pc, on a budget. Currently -Win 7 32bit -AMD Phenomm II x4 -4gb ram -Nvidia 560 gtx ti 1gb (in the post) Thinking of going -Win 7 64bit -AMD Phenomm II x6 1100t -Raid 2x 120gb SSD Sata II, mother dosent support sata 3 Ok, I'm gonna testmy current tomorrow on bf3. Is any one running SSD's? Are they stable as RAID's? (My last RAID drives screwed 2x £200 pd raptors) Regards JB
  16. Hello ppls, Long time no chat. I'm thinking of creating a ps3 mw3 tug division. Theres an elite feature, which tracks clans. Plus I can't remember the last time I matched. Contact me here or on the ps3 if your interested (brok21k). JB
  17. Hi everyone. Long time no see (or chat) I've actually been playing lots, but on the PS3. I can't really afford to upgrade my PC anymore, I've still got the PC I bought for GRAW1. My XPS M1710 can't handle any newer game that cod:waw. I found the XIM1 for PS3. It's the best keyboard and mouse for the PS3 and their isn't any lag (Know I've noticed). The problem with mice on the PS3, is that the software needs to simulate the thumb stick motion/movement inorder to play and every game is slightly different. This is know as dead zone. And config files need to be created for each game inorder to play. The only problem is you need a pc or laptop running the software at the same time, the xim1 plugs into this, then you connect the xim1 to the ps3 via ps2 to ps3 adaptor. Heres more info: Xim1 ps3 guide Advantages: -You can use you your already purchased mouse and keyboard setup -No need to upgrade console Disavantages: -Exspensive you will need to buy Xim1 (£43.33) and adaptor (£20) -Becareful buy adaptors, Some cheap ones blocked by psn new update (this is because a new mod/hack uses the usb to play chipped games) Heres a list (i got the logic 3 from maplins and works great at 63 frames per sec) adaptor list -Xim1 is nolonger in producation (xim 2 or 3 are out, but are hit and mis on working with ps3) -xim was disigned for xbox360 but luckly enough works better on ps3 (maybe advantage) -the xim1 software has the same signiture as a virus, so your have to tell your virus checker to ignore it. -Your have to wait for people (or do your self) new config for games when come out. -Your have to have a HDMI monitor, and connect your ps3 near your pc setup. It really is good, but auto aim on ps3 controllers allows pad players to be as quick and mouse users, so don't think it'll be a walk in the park. Ebay is the best play to get it (but this seller only has 2 left): Seller 1 I'm looking into doing one my self, so i might sell mine Kind Regards John
  18. It's ment to be so realistic! That newbies will struggle to tell friend from foe! I think this is the one we've been waiting for! Read this link
  19. It's totally amazing how Sony's QA didn't catch this! A low Level date bug (Freescale make the motherboards). Every two years a firmware patch will be needed to band aid this problem! Because flashing the BIOS won't be easy (recall or open it up and break the warranty, unless they find an alternative method). I've backed up my MW2 profile, which is what I'm worried about! Bring on Midnight! OR worse case! RIP ps3 2006 to 1999
  20. Latest info on PlayStation Network Status Communtiy Responses
  21. I noticed similar things on the ps3 demo. Plus I find it very heavy and sluggish. If I see the enemy first, and avoid being seen I can often get the kill. But if we both spot each other, I tend to end up second best! Maybe hardcore will suit me much better. Plus are they gonna make going prone possible?
  22. Sorry if I offend any one with these, but I was sent via txt: -As paramedics tried to resuscitate MJ he managed to squeeze out he last words before dieing. Which were "take me to the children’s ward". -After MJ died he requested to be melted down, and be recycled in to plastic bags. That way he’ll still be a danger to children. -After MJ died he requested to be melted down, and be recycled in to Lego bricks. That children will still be able to play with him. -Whats the difference between MJ and Alex Ferguson. At least Alex Ferguson will be able to play Giggs next year. -Reports of MJ having a heart attack are incorrect! He has been found in the childrens ward having a stroke! VERY SORRY FOR THE LAST ONE BTW IVE GOT SOME VERY SICK FRIENDS!!!!!
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