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The Unknown Ghosts

1st Impressions

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Saw the following posted up on the OPFlash2 forums.


Well I only installed it and played for couple of minutes.


My first impression:


+ Lot's of settings in the gfx menus

+ MP is good there is lot's of options you can make when hosting a server

+ Solid MP Lobby works the same as Raven Shield ( ready up before GO) and a chat window

+ MP maps are really big the 2km+2km is enough

+Played one SP mission died after my first encounter didn't know where the fire came from ( HARDCORE MODE)

+The mission editor is solid and lot's of fun. I tried the javelin on a tank and is freaking great lot's of attentions on details

+The game looks really nice

+Huge map

+ Attention on details


-Couple of gfx glitches ( could be new nvidia drivers) will try older ones later today

-No walking speed ( Only croush and run)



That's it... I only played for couple of minutes..


Seems that the MP options for server setup are good and it has a decent lobby with chat, etc like GR (old GR) did!!

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