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Which PS3 Slim - 120 or 250?

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So, a few peeps have bought a new PS3 slim recently and I am now too curious to get my mits on one. The primary reason being to get a Blu-Ray player with the added functionality of the PS3.


I've seen a number of packs around and the HD pack seems like a good option - basically a 250gb ps3 slim + 2x blu-ray discs + remote + game.


Alternatively, theres the 120GB version.


So who got what version and which one will I get??


I'm off to inverness on saturday to take the car in for a service, so will have a few hours wandering around....

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I just went for the 120Gb version. I stopped trying to work out which was the better deal as everyday there was a better option and I would have never bought it, so I finally went to Argos and got the 120Gb, 3 games and extra controller for just short of £280


Games list so far:-

Little Big World

Unchartered 2



Quantum of Solace





P.S. anyone know who 'PureTuG' is? He's just invited as a friend!

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So i finally bought one yesterday!!


PS3 Slim 250GB

Wolverine Blu-ray

The Dark Knight Blu-ray

ModernWarfare 2

Blu-Ray remote control



2nd Controller (got £10 off)


HDMI Cable

Little Big Planet



Friend of mine came over last night and we got drunk and played SpecOps for about 4-5 hours, it was surprisingly fun!! Although I hate the controllers.... give me a mouse & keyboard anyday!!

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