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Updating a Comp

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I'm updating my parents' computer for christmas and was wondering if it would be easier to upgrade piece by piece or just buy a new tower set up.


They only use the computer for music, and internet use


This is what they currently have...


Sony Viao

180 gb hdd

windows xp media center version 2002

Processor: Intel Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz

512mb of Ram

Video Card:Radeon X300 Series

Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio




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well, i would go for medium-end stuff...not too good, not too bad, quite cheap


for example a cheap Intel Core2Duo, 2 gb of ram, for example and 8800 GT if they do some video or photo editing stuff,

a bigger hdd of course as they cost like nothing at the mo, 500 gig should be fine, Sata II connection


onboard sound should be fine aswell, maybe a new version of windows( win 7 would be best at the moment) but i bet they are used to XP now and would take quite some time till they figure out all the new options and features....


so far, should be a 300-400$ pc i guess, maybe a bit more...

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If all they are using it for is to do internet/music etc. then the spec of that PC is just fine.


I'd go onto the crucial memory website and see what the max ram is you can put in the machine and upgrade it to at least 2-4gb and put a 500gb-1tb hd on it for storing stuff and get an external usb 1tb drive for backups - get windows 7 home premium too.


You'll save a ton of cash over buying a new pc - alternatively you could just pay 200-300 bucks and get a new dell tower for them. :)

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