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The Unknown Ghosts

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Hi _TUG,

I just want to say I really enjoyed playing with you.

Hope this was the first of a many others.

Do you play coop missions? I would like to try with humans.

Once again I had fun, thank you for this.

...and I will buy myself a mic for live discuss with you all (frustrated :( ).

Take care.

Defcon (not blind!) B)

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Today I have been kicked from Teamspeak by TUG_G*FORCE.

I can understand it and would like to apologize for not answering to your salute.

It is a lack of respect due to the members of the clan. Actually, I am mic mute.

Monday the problem should resolved, and I won't come back in game before having decent required equipment.


See you very soon, take care and have fun.

Defcon (not blind!)

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Its ok dude - I spoke to G and sent you a PM - its all good - and we dont mind if you come on without a mic - at least u can listen to us talking crap. :)


Come back and play with us in the server anytime.


Sometimes we get peeps join the TS and causing problems so we kick people off who dont talk - G didnt realise you'd played with us before and didnt have a mic.

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