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BC2: Vietnam Announce at E3

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Yep, thats right folks. Vietnam is coming to BC2 at Xmas it looks like.


Yesterday at E3, EA announced that they will be releasing an expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 called - Vietnam!!


Anyone remember playing BF:Vietnam back in the day?? I do and it was mucho fun.... :)


Details below:


On stage at the EA E3 press conference we announced a new expansion of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with a new take on a Battlefield franchise favourite, Vietnam. In Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam you get to enter the jungle warfare environment as either the U.S. Marines or North Vietnamese Army (NVA). The expansion pack contains 4 brand new maps built in Frostbite including the popular Conquest and Rush game modes as well as Vietnam specific weapons, vehicles, persistence, unlocks as well as new awards, achievements and trophies.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be available worldwide in Winter 2010 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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