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BF3 Beta - Ended Today - Feedback?


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ok guys - so the BF3 Beta has ended today & I was wondering what the feedback from everyone is?


I take it this is a game that we're all going to be playing when its released later this month and are we going to rent a server for it or just play on other peoples?


Feedback on the gameplay & systems requirements would be good too.




My system feedback:


CPU - Core2Duo @ 2.66GHz with 2GB ram - GeForce 460GTX 1GB on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Metro map - played just fine with everything on Medium settings, but I did get alot of stuttering initially on the map as all the sounds got loaded, then everything was very smooth and totally playable - I think I'll stick in another 2GB as BF3 was using about 1.3GB mem alot of the time.


Caspian Border map - played very laggy all the way through for the 10mins I manged to stand the judders.



Looks like I'll need to get a new motherboard+cpu+ram to make this a bit more playable on the bigger maps with 64 players. Will see how it goes with adding the extra 2GB 1st.

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Helloa, i had to play in spurts as my comp was overheating all the time.


I will need a new Motherboard and Graphics card if im to buy the game.


The game itself was no different to any other BF game, i guess thats the point, it was laggy but i hoped that was down to my comp and beta more than the game itself. When i shot someone the hit seemed to register instanly which was a good thing for me.


Im unsure im going to upgrade for one game.



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Hi Beaver,

This is for anyone who didn't play it:


I played it to death and absolutely love it. The Caspian border map was brilliant, it felt like Battlefield 2. The map was virtually bug free and I got no lag (the server I played on was 29 ping). I have just read about the other maps and the ones to get exited about for me are the city based maps. I hope they do Mashtur City at some point.

I was playing on ultra settings with no drop in FPS. It does however need a seriously meaty PC, oh and I checked while playing and it's the only game I have ever seen that used more than 4gb of RAM (apart form Crysis but that was only the Mothership fight at the end) so it's a good job I got 8GB of Corsair Vengence in my new rig.

I think this game will suite us in HC mode, the vanilla mode was HC enough if yo know what I mean. Some of the later unlocks, like the sniper scope for assault rifles (yea you heard me right) made the game far more enjoyable as you could headshot on auto from like a mile away!


The hit mechanic for me was brilliant, there was nothing vague about it like in BB:BC2. And the physics on the bullets and projectiles is spot on, next time you play check out the way the trees sway when a missile goes through it...remarkable.


THe game has so much potential, a single life, HC rush or DM mode wold be ideal for us. The small map, Metro felt like a more intelligent COD. Run round on your own like COD though and yo lasted 10 seconds. Team play is greatly rewarded and I especially like the "supression" xp you get. Basically if yor firing at someone and they either duck or run and then get killed you get XP. It makes the heavy weapons really useful as you can supress a group of enemies and get point if they die....genius!


I really can't wait.........I'm getiing trouser action just talking about it ! hahahahaha



See you noobs soon!

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