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I'm in for 19-23rd as well, remember it starts 6PM Friday night so no need to take anytime of work.


I just checked and 2 nights in the local travellodge is 66 quid a room (thats 66 pounds total, not per night) so total cost world be about 120 with tickets.


I have an i7 laptop with 8gb of RAM and a 550 GFX card, can play BF3 in high without mush difficulty, happy to lend it to those who cant get a full rig to Stratford upon avon.


Come on boys, would be a great crack and I cant just go with me and JJ, the gf would think that weird :-)


And its bring your own booze!


Even if you cant make it leave a reply saying so we know (I already know benny cant make it).

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Battlefield 3



At i45 we are hosting a Battlefield 3 tournament, and to make it much more entertaining to play in, we are using a new 8v8 format with vehicles and all gear enabled, so you can enjoy many games of this awesome shooter by EA and Dice. This is a fun tournament aimed at everyone enjoying some competitive games of BF3, but as with all of our tournaments – there will be prize money!

Watch this space for more information and when signups open up!


If i46 has a bf3 tournament, were signing up! Rank up quick guys! I smell some matching around the corner!!!!

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