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The Unknown Ghosts

Completely unimpressed... Well actually a little!

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Last night whilst playing Soldner SP, I was in the middle of a mission, I had killed all but one HumVee, and was in the process of doing so, when for some unknown reason by computer decided it would restart, it did then, after it had done the scandisk, it froze on the results page, so i manually restarted the PC, and now when ever i try to Load Soldner I get to see the opening credits, but when it reaches the loading screen the picture blinks dark and on/off.


Gonna uninstall - re-install and hope that helps, otherwise i'm going to be looking at a short lived game :angry:


Hence the title, just as I get into it, it fuggs up.

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Lmao my bad, i think my graphic settings were to high, which would explain the crash. :)


Altered them now and it runs a little smoother :)


Found another thing that doesnt work, Parachutes, funny as hell to watch your guy hit the floor from 1900 feet, he hit the floor on his belly, stands up, groans, then falls over again. LOL :lol:


But reading the book the instructions for using parachutes is pretty sketchy, it says you have to slow down enough to use the chute, I'm guessing I either didnt slow down enough or its bugged lik reverse and descend.

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